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How many marketers do you have in your organization (FTE)?

Enter the value between 20 and 10,000
20 10,000

What is your company’s annual revenue?

Enter the value between $20,000,000 and $250,000,000,000
$20M $250B+

What is your annual marketing program budget, including all costs??

Enter the value between $5,000,000 and $5,000,000,000
$5M $5B+

According to Glassdoor, the average manager’s salary is US$104,295. Is your company above or below this average?

Enter the value between $40,000 and $150,000
$40K $150K

What percentage of your marketing team is responsible for forecasting spend, transferring funds, gathering, consolidating and validating budget data?

Enter the value between 1% and 80%
1% 80%

What percentage of their time is spent on collecting and validating budget data?

Enter the value between 1% and 100%
1% 100%

Impact of Higher Budget Accuracy

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Forecasting marketing spend to secure the necessary funds to meet your performance targets takes a lot of effort; so the last thing you want is to mismanage it by overspending or underspending. Underspending can threaten program outcomes, and overspending can cause P&L issues and market momentum disruptions if campaigns need to be cancelled.

There are two ways business growth is impacted including: when you are unable to spend money you expected would be available and when dollars are simply wasted due to lack of visibility of what’s remaining in the budget.

McKinsey & Company predicts that when spend management is done well it can unlock as much as 20% of a marketing budget; which according to Forrester can result in 4% more revenue.

What would you estimate your revenue gain could be from a
more efficient budget management process?

Use the slider to change your answer.
Enter the value between 2% and 30%

Your organization could gain:


in revenue / year

Forrester estimates that wasted marketing spend results in 2X less ROMI, so it will take you more money to drive the same results. At just a 4% impact on growth, your company could gain $ in revenues per year. Does this feel too high for your business?
Feel free to adjust the slider; however, even a 2% impact on revenue is equivalent to $

Find out why Juniper Networks has been able to remain within 1% of budget every quarter since deploying Allocadia, with a team of over 200 marketers worldwide.

Our data shows these typical numbers of person-days per year spent on marketing planning, budgeting & performance measurement when no solution such as Allocadia is in place. Examples of this time can include compiling data, reporting, reconciliation, formatting, accruals, communication with other departments, meetings, spreadsheet management & troubleshooting, etc.

You can change the numbers below according to your organization's experience.
Marketing Executives days/person/month
Field Marketing days/person/month
Product/Solution marketing days/person/month
Marketing Ops days/person/month
Corporate Marketing/Comms days/person/month
Other Marketers days/person/month

Marketing Operational Efficiency Gains

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Allocadia customers typically experience an efficiency boost of 40% to 50% for their planning, investing, and results management processes compared with an error-prone spreadsheet-based approach. This enables teams to focus more on marketing and less on administrative tasks.

Hear how Palo Alto Networks reduced the time their marketing team spends managing their budgets by 66% with Allocadia, and saved over $170K in wasted time costs.

What would be the estimated efficiency gain your marketing organization
would realize with connected plans, full visibility into marketing spend
and accurate ROI measurement?

Use the slider to change your answer.
Enter the value between 20% and 60%

Shift 0 productivity days per year and reduce wasted resource cost of $ to revenue driving activities such as:



(Assumes 16 days for campaign development to delivery)


  • Conduct more market research or
  • Optimize promotions or
  • Launch a new product or
  • Perform more analysis of your results and course correct

Note: We won’t pretend you will cut any significant costs. This analysis illustrates what your marketing organization can save at a minimum from greater efficiency from using Allocadia for your global planning and budgeting, and what your team can now do with that time.

How many marketers are there in your organization?
Average salary of all the marketers in your organization

What is your organization's annual revenue?
Your organization's marketing budget

Time savings by function

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Without a solution like Allocadia, below is a breakdown using Forrester estimates on the average percentage of time per year spent on budgeting by key roles in marketing. The estimated time includes data collection, reporting, reconciliation, formatting, accruals, communication with other departments, and data verification.

Marketing Executives
Demand Gen/Field Marketing
Portfolio/Product/Solution Marketing
Marketing Ops
Corporate Marketing/Comms
Other Functional Areas

Total number of days per year:

Annual cost of their time:

Note: You can override these numbers based on your organization’s own experience. Annual cost of your team’s time includes paying employee benefits.

Based on what our customers have shared, your marketing finance teams will also save about 30% of their time closing the month end.

Impact on Growth

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Based on research from Rakuten Marketing and McKinsey & Company, between 20 to 26% of marketing spend is wasted per year on unproductive strategies and ineffective channels, and even more within specific areas. Allocadia gives you full budget visibility which improves accuracy and ensures marketing teams can quickly reallocate spend, cut the least-effective programs and do more of what's working.

Read how Box drove higher profitability by doubling their pipeline-to-spend ratio with a holistic view of the impact of all their marketing activities across various channels.

How much of your marketing budget wasted due to lack of visibility?

Use the slider to change your answer.
Maximum value should be 35%

$ of your marketing budget is now fully visible and recovered. Usually this amount is left on the table simply because you can’t see it.

This is further broken down to:
Maximum value should be 32%

$ of your budget may be recoverable from with more productive strategies such as focusing on high performing ad placements

Maximum value should be 3%

$ of your budget is may be recoverable through real-time visibility of spend status

Beyond these savings and efficiency gains, you will also receive:

  • Holistic visibility across all marketing plans
  • Elimination of over serving and spending on certain market segments
  • The ability to adapt to market dynamics and course correct
  • Visibility into what was not spent so you can quickly identify opportunities

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