Allocadia Analytics

Gain Insights to Drive Better, More Impactful Decisions

Allocadia Analytics empowers marketers to take action and create greater business impact by developing a deeper understanding of the marketing plan, budget, spend and performance.

Ensure Marketing’s Investments Support Strategic Targets

Provide visibility into plans and actual spend; know if it is on track to reach targets.

Understand Marketing’s Influence on the Customer Journey

Gain visibility into how the marketing team is investing in each stage of the customer journey.

Shed the Light on Marketing Performance

Identify if marketing is on track to meet or fall short of expectations.

Align Marketing and Finance Teams

Create dashboards that support both marketing and finance views of the business.

Get Visibility into Marketing Plans, Investments and Performance Today

“These new and improved dashboards will help increase our agility as marketers and enable us to make more real-time, data-driven decisions to optimize our activities and spend for maximum impact in market.”

Ryan Danner, Director, Global Marketing

Allocadia Analytics Key Capabilities

Visualize the Global Marketing Plan

Identify gaps in the marketing plan by automatically highlighting areas that need updating or completion. See target vs. planned investment from multiple views.

Monitor Investment Against Strategic Goals

View how much spend is going towards demand creation, market intelligence, and sales enablement or any other strategic goal. Track actual spend against target.

Track Pipeline and Revenue Impact

Compare expected pipeline and revenue impact with actual results to identify gaps, and adjust investment as needed.

Map Spend to the Entire Customer Journey

See how much investment is planned, and spent, on each activity at every stage of the customer journey. Know at a glance if you’re meeting expectations.

Visualize Marketing Investment Mix in Multiple Ways

Display marketing investment mix by segment, product line, persona, and activity type, and track planned investment and actual spend for each.

Generate Financial Management Reports

Create reports that show occurred, invoiced, and accrual information for each activity.

Monitor Performance

View ROI at the region, segment, product line, campaign, and activity level, and highlight under- and over-performers.

Visualize Data Quality

Visualize activities in the marketing plan that are not tagged, tagged incorrectly or miss estimated outcome. Act on poor data quality to ensure better measurements.

Improve marketing planning and budgeting today!

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