Allocadia Assist Schedule


This Support Schedule sets out the Allocadia Assist Services to be provided by Allocadia to Customer.

    1. “Support Hours”. 8am – 8pm EST, Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays in the Province of British Columbia.
    2. Technical Assistance. During the Term, Allocadia shall provide Customer with technical assistance, via Phone, e-mail, and the customer portal at Allocadia’s website (the “Customer Portal”) to answer queries concerning the use of the Subscription Services and to provide clarification of functions, features, and Documentation. Allocadia shall provide telephone and e-mail assistance during Support Hours. Technical Assistance does not include consulting or detailed instruction on the design or implementation of modifications, adaptations, or customizations to the Subscription Services. Telephone: 1.866.684.0935 E-mail: Customer Portal:
    3. Customer Portal. Customer shall designate in writing up to five individuals who will have access to the Customer Portal and be authorized to request technical assistance on behalf of Customer. Customer may change such individuals from time to time by notifying Allocadia in writing. The Customer Portal may be used by Customer to submit support cases, add comments or screenshots, and view existing cases. The Customer Portal contains links to Documentation, an online knowledge base and user forum, and additional online documentation and information to provide answers to the most common Subscription Services issues. Allocadia may amend, delete, or update information contained in the Customer Portal from time to time.
    4. Customer Enablement Services. As part of Allocadia Assist, Allocadia shall provide the services and enhanced support as outlined below.
      Service Provided Description
      Named Customer Success Manager Your Customer Success Manager (“CSM”) is your voice within Allocadia, helping you to optimize your Subscription Services and achieve your goals through best practices, planning, and actionable advice.
      Regular strategic business review with Path to Performance and best practice consultation You will be working with your CSM on our “Path to Performance” where we will be creating a plan for the successful and full utilization of Subscription Services to maximize realized value.
      Personalized new release updates presentation Your CSM will keep you informed about enhancement releases, ensuring you are up to date with our upcoming releases with actionable implementation advice.
      Product roadmap review Invitation to annual product roadmap update.
      Application deployment review, auditing and usage monitoring As part of your regular business review, your CSM will provide usage data, uptime, support tickets summary, and discuss optimization and adoption of the Subscription Services.
      Incremental instance configuration and setup optimization Based on your CSM reviews, resources from our Professional Services team will be provided for the continuous improvement and optimization of your Subscription Services and new feature implementation.
      Dashboard and report optimization Professional Services team resources will assist you in creating and modifying custom reports and dashboards to provide useful metrics and help you report on your marketing efforts more effectively.
      Annual rollover configuration Professional Services team resources will work with you on an annual basis to ensure your new financial year budget gets created and best practices are considered, maintained, and implemented.
      Additional end user and administration training as required Based on your CSM reviews, resources from our Education team will deliver User training to existing Users and new Users to maximize adoption, including use of new features.
      Priority technical support call routing Support services will be enhanced to include extended support hours from 8am EST to 8pm EST. Priority is also given to our Allocadia Assist Customers whereby calls and support tickets are responded to in priority over standard support calls and tickets.
      Enhanced Service Level Agreements, including 99.9% uptime Response and resolution times are enhanced for support calls and tickets (see table below). We also guarantee an uptime of 99.9%.
    5. Service Levels. Allocadia shall reasonably determine the priority level of a reported error and shall address the error pursuant to the following protocols:
      Error Severity Level Definitions
      Severity Level Definition
      Severity 1 An error in the Subscription Services that makes the continued use of one of more functions impossible (or severely restricted) or prevents the use of the Subscription Services for which no workaround exists. An error that may cause loss of data and/or restrict data availability.
      Severity 2 An error of the Subscription Services that causes operation of the Subscription Services to be significantly degraded. An error that severely restricts major functionality, but is not causing an immediate work stoppage.
      Severity 3 A minor error of the Subscription Services that causes minimal or no disruption to the operation of the Subscription Services for which a workaround exists.
      Enhanced Support Service Level Agreements
      Metric Severity 1 Cases Severity 2 Cases Severity 3 Cases
      Response Time 1 hour 4 business hours 1 business day
      Commence Resolution Time (after first response time) 30 minutes 2 business hours 2 business days

      Allocadia will be deemed to have commenced resolution of an error upon the logging in of any reported error and committing personnel and resources to correct or work around the error. The nature of the resolution will be determined by Allocadia and may consist of workarounds to reduce severity, configuration setting changes in the production environment, or a code fix in the form of a “patch”. Resolutions may also be scheduled for release in a subsequent release.