Basecamp to Everest: Journeys to ROI Series

Measuring ROI isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Each marketing organization’s journey to measuring, understanding, and ultimately acting on ROI data is unique.

But there is one constant: we all want a clear vantage point that allows us to understand our marketing ROI and better plan for the journey ahead.

We spoke with two customers to get their insights into how to conquer the challenges of measuring ROI. Watch the on-demand video to learn how marketing leaders at Genpact and Visier are tackling ROI measurements and what they’ve learned along the road.

Richard Wasylynchuk

Richard Wasylynchuk – VP, Revenue Operations at Visier

Richard Wasylynchuk is the Vice President, Revenue Operations at Visier where he is focused on accelerating revenue generation through technology, insights, and processes. With experience in a variety of early-stage technology companies over the last 15 years, Richard knows what it takes to scale, adjust, and pivot strategies to accelerate growth in dynamic environments. He is passionate about process development and improvement, particularly using data and systems to help make operations more effective and efficient in generating results. In his current and past roles, Richard has always believed in developing a more transparent, efficient, and accountable view of operations.