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Introducing Allocadia’s First Technology Resident Intern

Allocadia is excited to welcome our first ever Technology Resident, Miriam Nakiyingi. Allocadia’s Technology Residency was born from the desire to impact applicant pools and create opportunities that don’t follow traditional hiring practices.

Thanks to the support of WorkBC in helping us define this program through their insights and feedback, and partnership with MOSAIC to ready our organization through inclusivity training, we are excited to launch this pilot and continue to develop this program.

Jackie Morton, our VP of People & Culture, sat down with Miriam to learn more about her interest in tech. Here’s what she had to say…

Tell us about your interest in working in the tech sector and what has your experience been like so far?

My interest in technology began at about age ten. I remember being curious about how text messages get to phones, and how computers work. I registered at Douglas College in 2018 to study Computer Science. My goal was to complete two years of study there and then transfer to university to complete my bachelor’s degree. While at Douglas I joined the Youth in Tech where I was offered a chance to attend a coding bootcamp. This was a very good hands-on experience that revealed to me how much I loved to code and also learn different programming languages, software architecture, development methodologies, and processes. 

When I finished the CodeCore Developer Bootcamp I started looking for a job as I felt ready to apply my skills and begin earning a living at what I love to do. I found that most of the jobs required 3-5 years of experience. Even the postings that required less experience (0-3 years) still had a lot of requirements for experience, as well as bachelor’s degree or a university student for an internship opportunity.

As I found my job search stalled by these challenges, I did not give up, and I also utilized any job search support that I had. Through WorkBC, I learned about Allocadia’s Technology Residency opportunity. 

What did you find attractive about this opportunity and how did it fit with your job search?

I recognized that my background and career goals were very relevant for the opportunity. It was so incredible to discover an opportunity that didn’t have the same sort of challenges I had been facing in finding a job in the tech sector. One thing I really love about it is having the opportunity to explore different areas of the tech company and having a chance to learn about my own strengths in a hands-on way.

What do you hope to gain through the Tech Residency?

I am really hoping to make connections that can help me learn new things, gain experience for my resume, and find future opportunities.

What can Allocadia do to make this a meaningful experience?

It would be really great if Allocadia can help me gain the hands-on work experience on real world projects in a tech environment. Yes – I’m interested in coding and software development, but maybe this experience can help me see more of my strengths and how best to apply them practically. 

Do you think opportunities like this can help the tech industry evolve hiring practices and access to entry?

Absolutely! It’s important to consider that just because someone doesn’t have the exact experience and education a company is looking for, they can still be a real asset if given a chance. I would really love to see more opportunities like this, without so many limitations for people like me to get a start in this industry.