Meet the Allocadia Team: Scott Fehr

Behind every Allocadia customer is a desire to spend more time doing marketing and less time running marketing. While the basics of running marketing may be the same, marketing organizations are not. At Allocadia, we know solutions are not one size fits all. 

In order to support customers in reaching their goals, we find a solution that’s right for their industry, go-to-market plan, etc. Our team of solutions consultants work with the marketing organization at our customer organizations from the very start of their journey with Allocadia to make sure they’re configuring the platform to work for them and their needs 

We know it is no easy feat to navigate these complex use cases that require a unique understanding of the customer and our solution. That’s why we’re so excited to welcome Scott Fehr to the team as VP Strategic Solutions to help our customers thriveAfter he joined our team in January, we had a quick catch-up with Scott on his plans for creating solutions for our customers and why he’s excited to join Allocadia! 

Tell us a bit about your career and how this led you to Allocadia. 

I’ve made a career out of solutions consulting and more recently as an accidental customer success leader – the two bleed into each other. I’ve known about Allocadia and worked with various folks here, so it was always on my radar and high on my list of companies to explore. As I dug deeper and learned about the problem Allocadia was trying to solve, and saw the growth curve, it felt like the time was right to get onboard. Coming from working in Silicon Valley, I appreciated Allocadia was established, had large customers, but also maintained the startup feel. Culture was a big factor for me and Allocadia ticked those boxes – overall the opportunity felt big and exciting. 

What was it about Allocadia’s culture that made it the right fit? 

Culture is huge for me. As I was connecting with the team at Allocadia, every time these conversations came back with exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been in big companies with great cultures but also experienced some challenging ones. It matters how people treat each other and interact. Companies can be so hard charging and pay lip service to culture, while their only focus is really execution. There’s a human factor at Allocadia that I really appreciate, while the company still continues to be forward looking and focus on executing. It’s grown to its size responsibly and can lean into culture, invest in it, and put it into practice. When I started here, it felt like coming home. 

What excites you about how Allocadia fits in the Martech space? 

In Martech, the questions being asked haven’t changed that much but the approaches and solutions have become more powerful. With things like AI, predictive, and machine learning there’s so much more we can do. I’ve spent the better part of 20 years digging into how marketers are doing marketing but not necessarily how to run marketing as a business. Massive companies want to do this and marketers want to be responsible in showing costs, benefits, ROI.  

The problem Allocadia solves would come up with customers when I was working on the automation side, there was a feeling of frustration because I never had an answer. Now, not only do I have an answer for them but also have answers to questions they haven’t even thought about yet. This got me fired up, it’s new to me and exciting. 

What opportunity do you see at Allocadia for you to focus on and have an impact? 

There’s a big opportunity for us to become better storytellers. Part of Allocadia’s culture that I was drawn to was the conscious effort behind this. There is a tremendous opportunity for us to be more practical in storytelling, through presentations, case studies, or even product demos. Ultimately the purpose of a demo is to create an emotional connection between the software and the pain the customer is experiencing. People respond to emotions, stories, and the more we can weave that into pre-sales and post-sales the more we can show our customers to the light, so to speak. The more human moments you can have, the more those are going to be the take aways. We have a fantastic opportunity to embed this into the customer experience and culture at Allocadia. 

What surprised you the most as you settled in at Allocadia? 

Understanding the extent and implications of enterprise customers running their budgeting and reconciliation process off spreadsheets was a surprise. I knew this was a pain for marketers from working in Martech but hadn’t fully understood the impact. Understanding these complex quarterly processes of herding cats and doing Excel kung fu to consolidate 16 Excel tabs into something meaningful was eye opening. Then seeing how Allocadia not only solved this through organizing the data but also enables strategic alignment at all levels is fantastic and there are great opportunities to tell stories around this. 

Solutions is part of the customer journey, how do you empower your team to work with others involved in this journey? 

A Solutions Consultant needs to be a partnership with other areas of the business. I’ve seen situations where an SC is a tool for sales, and this not a recipe for a successful partnership. The successful partnerships are when both are using their intellectual power, collaborating, brainstorming, and creating cohesive solutions. SCs need to be a co-pilot on deals and finding solutions, not a passenger. It’s exciting to see this so strongly presented in the Allocadia SC team, they are invested in the process while having the technical expertise, domain experience, communication and business acumen to execute. My role is to support them in being part of the customer journey and creating partnership across Allocadia that improve the customer experience. 

What will drive you over your first year at Allocadia? 

My first-order oath is: “be really fricken useful!”Contribute wherever I can, help with strategic deals, and always look for areas to add value. In the first part of my journey here, this is where I need to start so I can help grow the team, solutions, and help Allocadia continue to scale.  

Want to learn more about Scott? Connect with him on LinkedIn.   

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