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Meet the Allocadia Team: Julia Stead

At Allocadia, we’re on a mission to bring confidence to every marketer. To share our mission and vision with marketers around the world, we rely on our own marketing team for their creativity, insights into the marketer, and strategic thinking on how we can better support others to #RunMarketing.  

To build and lead the marketing function at Allocadia we’re excited to have Julia Stead join our team as Chief Marketing Officer. We sat down with Julia to get her perspective on the state of marketing, building a team and why she’s excited to be a part Allocadia!  

Tell us a bit about your career and how this led you to Allocadia. 

I’m passionate about the balance between the art and science of marketing, and truly love building and growing teams – both from a business perspective, and a people perspective. In my previous roles I’ve successfully driven revenue growth through empowering my team to do their best work, while being laser focused on ROI, measurement, and maximizing marketing’s impact on the business.  Joining a company like Allocadia, whose product supports and evangelizes these areas, was a dream come true for me. Given the market demand and the amazing success the company has seen to date with a deep bench of delighted customers, Allocadia is poised for massive growth in the next few years. That’s another big factor that has led me to Allocadia – the chance to work with a talented, passionate group of people to power this next phase of growth. The icing on the cake is that I can be a real advocate for Allocadia’s solution as a user myself and with our internal marketing team. 

What excites you about the opportunity Allocadia has? 

We have a fantastic product that delivers tangible value and ROI to marketers. Nothing affirms this more than our amazing group of innovative, successful customers who are so willing to advocate on our behalf. Reading all of the nominations for our annual #RunMarketing awards was such a fun, exciting experience for this very reason. Looking at the increasing scope of a CMO’s mandate – to be more revenue focused while undergoing a digital transformation and ultimately delivering a better customer experience – Allocadia fits perfectly into that mandate, at the intersection of alignment between planning, investment, and business strategy. Our market recognition and growth is already well underway, now it’s all about capitalizing on this solid foundation and scaling our success to the next level!  

We have big goals and know we need a high-performance team to help us reach them. Where do you focus when building a team? 

Communication, accountability, and transparency across levels are critical parts to building a high performance team and organization. But I honestly believe there is an even more important foundation, which is happiness. I need people on my team to enjoy their work and their environment. So I focus on people when building a team, and three key areas: having people in roles where they’re doing work they love, providing them the necessary support and resources to be successful, and creating clear goals and accountability to measure success in those roles. As a team gets bigger it becomes important for each member to become more specialized in areas critical to growth. This means fewer ‘jack of all trades’ marketers, and more focused roles where individuals have the bandwidth to go deeper and more strategic in their areas of expertise.  

How do culture and leadership play a role in growth? 

Culture is to a business what a ‘home’ is to a family. We spend so much of our lives at our jobs so we need to make sure we’re supporting our people to be happy and inspired. This takes work, concentrated and mindful effort, and it’s not easy. Leaders must prioritize culture at each stage of growth and do the hard work to understand what motivates, drives, and makes people happy. As CMO, this is a huge part of my job. My biggest role is to guide my team and coach them; I’m only as good as the people I’m collaborating with. I have an amazing team here that’s full of highly skilled, strategic and creative minds, so it’s my job to build a foundation and infrastructure for them to grow as individuals, a team and as an organization.  

What strengths do you see in Allocadia’s culture? 

Prior to day one, while I was still in the interview process, Allcoadia’s culture came through quite strongly and was a main reason I pursued the opportunity. I got a sense of the passionate, smart, hardworking and collaborative people here and knew these were people I wanted to work with. It’s easy to publish a list of values, put them on a poster or a pillow, and then call it a day and forget about them. That isn’t the case at Allocadia, we all live and breathe them daily. #RunTogether, #RunSmart and #RunHealthy really stand out to me. It’s a culture of collaborative approach, people at all levels who are open to feedback, foster discussion and idea sharing, and prop each other up. There is also genuine work life balance, with built-in and flexible support for all types of personal situations, and an emphasis on focusing on the right work, not always just doing more work. The team lives these values because they align to their own beliefs, not because it’s a catchy phrase. 

What will drive you over your first year at Allocadia? 

Simplicity and focus. There is nothing holding us back from achieving the growth we’re looking for. I believe in the team here and the solution Allocadia offers. With simplicity and focus we can have faster progress with big impact. 

Want to learn more about Julia? Connect with her on LinkedIn.