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Why we love co-op students at Allocadia

Why we love co-op students at Allocadia   

At Allocadia, our mission is to bring confidence to every marketer in the world. We believe that when you create something that comes from you, you create confidence.  This confidence propels you on your leadership path and enables you to put your own stamp on the world – whatever that means to you!  To accomplish our mission, we need to build one of the best teams in business, and a strong company culture.  This is why we’re heavily invested in our co-op students 

The Co-oProgram at Allocadia helps us build a strong team by bringing diverse perspectives together.  It is also a way for our team to give back and give someone the opportunity to learn more about a career in the growing technology industry and gain work experience.  Not only does it a benefit students’ growth but it also creates a lasting benefit in our business through their valuable contributions 

Building your future career  

Our students come from a broad range of departments in the technical and business fields. You don’t need to be a coder to join a technology company, although that is a role we hire co-op students in.  Many students start with a four-month term and extend to an additional term.  Better yet, many of our co-op students have come back to work with us after they have completed their programs  

Co-op roles provide a foundation to start your career and establish relationships in business.  It also provides you with the opportunity to learn and grow as you develop your work and leadership skills.  During the program you will connect with industry professionals who are keen to give-back, mentor, and help you have a great work experience. 

Meet our co-op students  

We have a long history of welcoming co-op students at Allocadia.  In fact, our Founder twin-sisters Kristine and Katherine started their careers as Marketing students, and as soon as they could, hired co-op students on to their own teams.  The Allocadia team has continued this tradition by bringing in students across the business, helping build the next-generation of leaders.  

Here are some of their stories:  

Rebecca, Partner MarketingRebecca worked on our Partner team last fall organizing our content inventory and building and launching an enablement program for current Partners.  Rebecca described her experience as a way to feel more confident because she “learned how to raise my hand for things and push myself to volunteer more.  The culture here is that of a nurturing space and your passions are accepted with open arms.  Rebecca recognized that having this confidence to get involved and take on a challenge in a professional environment is a lot different than in a classroom.  

ChetachiOperationsChetachi works with the Operations team doing quality control, data cleaning, research on employment laws, and updating and organizing software vendor lists.  In her eight months at Allocadia she has learned to challenge herself and have a voice.  She said “I know I can show my skills now, I can help, and I am needed.  This has been an opportunity to prove to myself and I am valued.”  When describing her experience at Allocadia, she said “the company culture is so good, it doesn’t feel like work for me and I feel so comfortable here.”  

Daniel, Professional Services: Daniel started with us in September and will be returning to his studies for the summer term (but hopes to come back again soon!). In his time here he has worked in customer support, data manipulation and cleaning, reports editing, video training content, and overall project support. He described Allocadia as a “fun, positive, work environment.”  Since our students work with all levels of the company, they are fully immersed in current projects and are treated like a full member of the team.  This also means they may be faced with some of the challenges different projects can bring and what better way to learn about how to overcome challenges than to be faced with one.  Daniel stated it best when he said, “failing is ok, just own it and try to improve.”  

Pearl, ProductPearl is a current employee of Allocadia but started her career here as a co-op student in 2013. When asked why she wanted to work with us she said, “I came back to Allocadia as I thought the culture was great, it was fastpaced and what I did had an impact.”  A moment that stays in Pearl’s memory as a big take away from her co-op was the impact she made. She said that “right before I went back to school, I implemented a feature for a customer on Allocadia and we got feedback from this customer that they were really happy and it was great to find this out.”  Having another not so great co-op experience in her undergrad Pearl knew that Allocadia was a better fit for herI also worked in a large company and it was all so slow, I never got what I needed. It wasn’t easy to integrate into the environment and you didn’t know where you stood you in the processI really wanted to come back as I learnt so much and people were always eager to help, things were moving forward at Allocadia.”  

Now that Pearl is back with Allocadia she sees the benefit of being a mentor to those co-op students but also to new people joining the company.  It helps everyone to have co-ops and more junior members join as it is a good exercise to mentor someone, when you teach someone something, you learn it more yourself or look at it a different way.  Pearl’s takeaway was “learning how to mentor someone overall is super important. From what I learnt as a co-op and having a mentor, I took that knowledge and passed it on.  Having someone join who is new encourages inclusion and it brings some colour to the team.”  

To learn more:  

If you are interested in a co-op opportunity at Allocadia, speak to your co-op advisor today. For those of you who have completed their studies, we are actively growing our team and have a variety of roles open on our website. Apply today