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Allocadia: Bringing confidence to every marketer in the world.

Our vision at Allocadia has always been to build a world where marketers make every dollar count and solve the big problem of Marketing ROI. The starting point behind achieving this was helping marketers manage their marketing investments, and we have dramatically extended our product since then to become the Run Marketing platform. As our product evolved, so has our team, our company, and our customers – who brought this vision to life through their achievements. Because of this, we knew it was time to reflect a more accurate Allocadia in market today! Today we’re sharing our evolution of how we help customers, who we are, and what we stand for:

1. Vision: Reflect our earned leadership in MPM and point of view

Looking at the growth and success the more than 14,000 marketers working with us are achieving, we know we’re onto something big. We pioneered the MPM category and the insights and knowledge we’ve gained give us the confidence to keep pushing forward and challenging the status quo that marketers are living with. Analysts and customers are recognizing why companies need to implement MPM now. In fact, in addition to our brand announcement today we announced that the value our customers are realizing with Allocadia helped drive more than 175% year-over-year growth for the company. We are seeing more and more marketing organizations prioritizing the business process of Run Marketing to help them accomplish business growth. They call this MPM, Operational Excellence, One Team, or Effectiveness core initiatives, and at the core it’s all about achieving greater business impact.

“54% of CMOs are adopting or have plans to adopt MPM.” – Forrester Data: Marketing Automation Technology Forecast

With this building and customer learning, we have also developed a strong point of view of how we are changing the status quo and what we stand for. While staying true to our mission of bringing confidence to every marketer in the world, we’re also passionately advocating for marketing to:

Be agile vs static!

Be aligned vs siloed!

Focus on Return on Intent vs credit!

Read more about our Vision, and how we are challenging the status quo with MPM.

2. Product: Reflect the breadth and innovation of our product platform

From our roots of helping marketers manage their investments, we have dramatically extended our product to become the Run Marketing platform. Our platform enables marketers to Plan & Align, Invest & Execute, and Measure & Optimize – connecting into their MarTech ecosystem with our Allocadia Connect product. Our Allocadia ID gives each program its own unique thumbprint that connects investments to end outcomes, delivering insights into what’s working and what isn’t. We’re giving all marketers the ability to make core decisions with the help of Allocadia Analytics. Built on a scalable, secure, enterprise-grade platform.

We created the Run/Do loop to illustrate how the process of Run Marketing is intertwined with the process of Do Marketing (the customer journey). We’ve articulated our Use Cases to educate marketers on the extended value we provide.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re continuing on this journey to supercharge marketers’ operational system of record to make core decisions and know the next best action. We’re giving marketers the ability to work with speed and agility, to continuously optimize and maximize their business impact. Just as other teams have their core operational system – Sales with CRM, Finance with ERP, or Dev with Enterprise Agile Planning – marketing now has MPM.

Read more about our Platform and Use-Cases.

3. Customers: Reflect the extended value our customers are achieving

At Allocadia we’ve always been incredibly proud of the amazing advocates we have, from CMOs, to marketing operations leaders, to marketers. And as we continue on the journey of building Allocadia, we’re so thankful for their enthusiasm to share their stories of success and growth.

From our “I run marketing like a ___” campaign that marketers loved, to our CMOs and Marketing Operations leaders, who have shared their stories of growth and change… showcasing the benefits they achieve…

.. to improving the Marketer Experience (MX). We know improving the way companies Run marketing also improves their marketers’ experience. The macro trend of the Future of Work is impacting the marketing organization in drastic ways, and CMOs need to create an empowered, aligned, and agile marketer experience in order to drive greater enterprise value.

What I’m most proud of is having a shared mission and values with our customers. They embody the values of Allocadia:

#RunSmart, #RunCreative, #RunHealthy, #RunTogether, #RuntoWin.

They’re running marketing in smart and creative ways to improve their business, and they’re running marketing to win more revenue. Their experiences are what inspire us to keep supporting marketers around the world to achieve their goals with MPM.

Read more about our Customers.

Now the design!

Symbol: Our new symbol represents who we are, what we stand for, and our history. Our Run and Do loop, of course! But there is so much more it represents – two C’s that are core to our business “Customers and Confidence”, butterfly wings and transformation, yin & yang, MX + CX. We knew we wanted a symbol that aligned with our past while highlighting the bright future we have ahead of us.

Font: Bold, enterprise, strong. We know the power we’re giving our marketers and we wanted a font that conveyed our own confidence.

Colour. Make investments friendly & visual for marketers We wanted to embrace that marketers are creative at heart, and infuse our core value of RunCreative into the color of our brand. The new color palette showcases the confident sensation and values we’re bringing to our customers.

Runners. And of course, our runners. We are the Run Marketing platform. We’ve decided not to have any other stock photography associated with our brand, as we want to highlight our customers and our team.

We’ve come a long way from when we started Allocadia and we’re so excited to be launching this brand today. See it live on our website and please share your thoughts on the changes we’ve made – we would love to hear what you think about it!