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An Introduction to the Create Confidence Series

At a recent Empowered CMO Network event we co-hosted in Napa, we did an exercise to define our personal leadership philosophies and learn how to lead from your unique self. I wrote:

“I like to help people build confidence; I believe in the power of creating things that come from you; I believe people want to do good and can have ongoing positive impact; I want to help others become leaders.”

Helping people create confidence has inspired me both professionally and personally for a long time.

Professionally, I know that marketers have to feel confident in order to drive the leadership and business impact I know they want to drive. It’s no surprise our mission at Allocadia is to “Bring Confidence to Every Marketer in the World.” I know they want to contribute in very meaningful ways. They want to create engaging experiences that impact customers and the business alike. At the end of the day, they want to lead. To do this, they need to have insights that drive clarity, along with ways to do their job effectively. But it’s not easy!

At that same CMO event, I also realized these CMOs are responsible for large-scale transformations – the digital transformation of both their customer experience and their marketer experience. It was clear that driving impact is everything they think about – whether that is through organizational strategies, strategizing on market leadership, building great teams and culture, or embodying purpose-driven leadership. And I realized that the confidence needed to get there is critical, they need it to fully realize their leadership potential and to harness the potential of their teams. It’s a baseline for success.

As a marketer in my early career, I wanted to feel this too. And as I started a services business to help other marketers, I kept seeing this pattern. Desire is not enough, I could see that marketers as a whole needed help gaining the confidence that would enable them to create amazing things. And the way to create that confidence was to give them a positive marketer experience, that would enable them have an exponential impact on the entire company.

Personally, confidence and leadership are themes that have been woven into my life from the beginning: very early on I began volunteering at the YWCA mentorship program to help young students grow their careers. After starting Allocadia I began encouraging our team to hire co-op internships to inspire the next generation of leaders, and we bought the women at Allocadia “The Confidence Code” book to help expand their professional confidence. And as I think of my daughter and son, I think about how I can help them embrace life and the journey ahead with less fear and more creativity.

It’s a topic I’ve been writing about and speaking about for a while (the video below shares a little bit about the Allocadia story and my personal confidence journey, which I’ll write more about in another post)!

Introducing the ‘Create Confidence’ Series

And so, to further propel this focus and journey on helping people build confidence and leadership – and to live my own purpose-driven leadership! – I am embarking on what I am calling the ‘Create Confidence Series.’

And at the heart of this series is a philosophy of mine on how you build confidence:

“Confidence comes from creating something that comes from you.”

I think the act of putting something out there into the world for others to see or use – whether that is a painting, a blog post, software, a company, a house – builds confidence.

I’ll share my own experiences and learning, and stories from peers and team members over the next 6 months. We will aim to give you stories, tools, and ideas to help and inspire you to create, and most importantly, create from yourself. We will focus on CMOs and marketers, but it can be for anyone! My goal is to help you on your leadership path – whatever that means to you – so you can go into the world and put your own stamp on it.

I welcome your thoughts and participation!  To get the latest posts, you can follow me on LinkedIn.