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Seven Things You Should Know About Allocadia

Over the course of a few months, spend management jumped to the forefront of every marketer’s mind. But at Allocadia, that’s always top of mind for us. We help companies like Unilever, VMware, and Signify confidently manage their marketing investments. 

Did you know that’s what Allocadia does? 

We’re addressing some of the most commonly asked questions. Starting with…

1. What is Allocadia?

Allocadia is a robust marketing investment management and strategic planning platform. We bring accurate, detailed visibility to marketing budgets by providing one place to track and manage investments. 

Marketing leaders and their teams can build marketing plans that are aligned to corporate strategic goals and then measure program performance all in the same platform. That’s right, the same platform we just said was used to manage all your investments. By bringing together plans, budgets, and performance, we help marketers optimize their investments to accelerate business growth.

2. What’s the difference between using spreadsheets and Allocadia?

Can your CMO get a clear picture of marketing spend on a granular level without needing to consult multiple team members? Can they also see how marketing programs fit into overall corporate strategy in a glance?

Can your marketing leaders quickly pivot marketing plans without hours spent reconciling invoices? Can they confidently pinpoint which program to double-down on to improve impact? 

Can finance and marketing quickly align on investments and actual spend? Does that spreadsheet sync directly with finance’s ERP for up-to-date visibility? 

That’s the difference.

3. That’s a lot of budget talk – are you a finance tool?

Nope! Allocadia helps marketing better align with finance, but we are very much a marketer’s tool. 

We all know that marketing and finance departments view spend management very differently. Allocadia helps to act as a translation layer. Our platform connects to finance systems so that accurate, timely financial data flows directly into where marketers manage their spend. With real-time actuals, marketers can track over- or under-spending for each budget line item, program, and department and reallocate budget before the end of quarter to maximize marketing’s impact.  

Marketers plan and budget in a way that aligns with campaigns, activities, and line items, which doesn’t translate into a traditional finance system. Allocadia also provides the context finance needs (cost center, general ledger codes) to keep the books balanced. We often see FP&A professionals or other finance team members becoming advocates and regular users of Allocadia thanks to the insights it brings them.

4. How does Allocadia help marketers with planning?

Allocadia empowers marketers to create, monitor, and optimize plans to align with overall strategic business goals and maximize results for their companies. We bring strategic marketing plans and budgets to live harmoniously in one place, which makes it easier to align go-to-market activities, model expected impact, and anticipate and execute on scenario plans. 

Allocadia elevates the conversation around marketing action to a strategic level, allowing all marketers in the organization to plan and track against key goals and performance indicators.

Neenu Sharma, VP Marketing Operations & Analytics, GE Digital

5. Do you have many B2C customers?

Yes! We love helping our B2C customers with tricky spend management situations or figuring out market mix modelling. 

A common complaint we’ve heard with B2C companies is managing coupon spend. Our very clever solutions architects built a custom calculator that allows B2C customers to quickly create and track all of their coupons. Another issue is connecting media grids from agencies with plans and budgets. We’ve developed a way to upload these and tag items with Allocadia IDs for tracking. 

Some of our B2C customers include Unilever, Gojo (makers of Purell), and fellow Vancouverite Arc’teryx.

6. How does Allocadia fit into tech stacks?

Our team has built a series of pre-configured connectors to help Allocadia easily integrate into marketing automation, work management, financial/ERP, CRM, and procurement systems. Through these integrations, marketers save valuable time with things like:

  1. Automatically create POs and initiate purchase requests in financial systems from within Allocadia and tag them with a unique ID to enable full-cycle tracking
  2. Create new campaigns in Allocadia and automatically populate metadata and fields in CRM systems
  3. Import campaign and opportunity data from CRMs into Allocadia and sync in with corresponding marketing activities
  4. Kickoff projects and project requests in work management systems from Allocadia and populate them with metadata. These can be auto-tagged to corresponding marketing activities in Allocadia
  5. Push Allocadia data to enterprise BI tool and data warehouses to enrich existing data and create custom ROI and cost analysis reports using real-time investment data

7. How do you support ROI or attribution measurements?

ROI and attribution is a topic near and dear to our hearts. We literally wrote the book on it! Within the Allocadia platform, we help marketers with ROI and attribution through what we do best: nailing down investment data. You’ll never get to ROI if you can’t measure the I with the same depth as you measure the R. Then we help marketers measure and visualize ROI at various levels: organizational, departmental, regional, and by product. We can layer in attribution models from external systems or utilize our own attribution engine to get more performance metrics.