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Allocadia Announces Winners of 2017 RunMarketing Awards

Thursday, September 28, 2017 — VANCOUVER — Allocadia, leaders in Marketing Performance Management and creators of the #RunMarketing movement, today announced the winners of the 2017 RunMarketing Awards. This award program celebrates Marketing Performance Management (MPM) champions who run the business of marketing.

“The RunMarketing Awards are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the operational work that makes marketing extraordinary,” said Jocelyn Brown, VP of Customer Success at Allocadia. “Nominees are often the unsung heroes on their teams who work hard everyday to ensure marketing is more effective, transparent, and data-driven. They are the foundation of success, and we are proud of the work they do. Congratulations to all who were nominated for their leading Marketing Performance Management strategies.”

Winners include:

Neenu Sharma, VP of Product and Marketing Operations, GE Digital

“Neenu’s approach to Marketing Performance Management is iterative and pragmatic, and has earned this recognition for being cross-functional and business-driven,” said Brown. “She has laid out a complete and clear roadmap for her team, while building relationships with Sales, Finance, and IT, ensuring Marketing’s operational function supports the needs of the whole business. Congratulations to Neenu for being an internal trailblazer at GE Digital.”

Harris Thamby, Senior Program Manager Sales & Marketing IT – Global Ops, Microsoft

“Making changes to systems and process at a company the size of Microsoft is not an easy task,” said Brown. “Harris is able to get it done – with an excellent holistic perspective. He takes changes in requirement in stride without losing sight of the end goal and has collaboratively coordinated the efforts of a very large group of stakeholders. Our judges were impressed with Harris’ deep understanding of the people, process, and technology required to enable thousands of Microsoft marketers around the world to plan, budget and optimize performance of marketing investments.”

Bryan Semple, Chief Marketing Officer, SmartBear Software

“Bryan knows it is essential for Marketing to run like a business, especially with a team that is high-velocity and very agile,” Brown said. “He has flipped the traditional planning paradigm on its head by enabling his teams to do what it takes to achieve key outcomes, not getting bogged down planning budgets. His innovative approach to the traditional planning cycle distributes decision-making activity across his team, into those places with the most information. He is a disruptive, business-oriented, modern CMO who focuses on the key metrics (such as CAC ratios) that a CEO focuses on.”

Ryan Danner, Director, Global Marketing, Red Hat

“Ryan is a truly collaborative Marketing Performance Management pioneer, who is dedicated to the advancement of this discipline,” according to Brown. “At Red Hat, he has consistently sought to push marketing operations and their partners to the edge of their capabilities, meeting high targets on metrics like spend to target. We recognize his achievement in creating a forward-looking and effectively managed marketing business, and thank Ryan for continuing to work with peers in the industry to drive the practice of MPM forward.”

Shannon Russell, Director of Field Marketing Americas, Intralinks, a Synchronoss business

“At Allocadia, our mission is to give confidence to every marketer,” Brown continued. “Shannon embodies that confidence every day, from the front lines of the business. She was a rare field marketer nominated for a RunMarketing Award, and her success is a testament to the fact that MPM is not only about the marketing operations team or FP&A. Rather, it is about empowering every marketer to make great decisions, achieve more, and be more accountable. Congratulations to Shannon, and the whole team at Intralinks, who takes a full stack approach to marketing performance, aligning data across systems with strong standards and process so their team can run marketing – from anywhere.”


Winners were chosen based on their ability to excel in one or all of the following MPM facets:

  • Building marketing plans that truly support the company’s objectives
  • Supporting investment decisions with efficient processes and technologies
  • Collaborating with national or global teams to build a cohesive marketing plan
  • Efficiently evaluate marketing results against the plan and ROI data
  • Excelling in top down strategic and bottom-up tactical planning
  • Knowing where they need to invest their next marketing dollar for maximum impact

Nomination Process

Allocadia collected nominations from across the globe during a submission period this past summer. All finalists were reviewed by a judging panel of experts, including Kathleen Schaub, Vice President, CMO Advisory Service at IDC, Eric Wittlake, Senior Analyst, Marketing Practice at TOPO, Kristine Steuart, CEO & Co-Founder, Allocadia, and James Thomas, CMO, Allocadia.

“The modern day marketer is tasked with becoming a revenue driver and an architect of the customer experience,” said Schaub. “To lead in these areas, marketing leaders must guide, build support, and energize what happens behind the scenes. Led by the CMO and Marketing Operations, marketing performance management powers these efforts. Marketers must look beyond execution to the operational scaffolding that makes success possible.”

“Congratulations to all of the 2017 RunMarketing Award winners,” said Steuart. “Your continued excellence and dedication to the discipline of Marketing Performance Management inspires us every day. We’re proud to celebrate your achievements in using MPM to foster greater accountability, transparency, and impact in your organizations as you set an example for your peers to follow. Well done!”

Meet the Award Winners

Two 2017 RunMarketing Award winners will present live at upcoming industry conferences. Neenu Sharma will present alongside Sam Melnick, VP of Marketing at Allocada at MarTech Boston, October 3rd, 2017 in a session focused on running marketing within digital transformation.

Bryan Semple will present alongside James Thomas at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, October 4th, 2017 also in Boston. More details on these events can be found on our Events Page.