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Allocadia Announces Winners of 2020 Run Marketing Awards

Marketers honored for driving business impact through budgeting efficiency 

December 9, 2020 — VANCOUVER — Allocadia, the leader in marketing performance management (MPM), today announced the winners of the 2020 Run Marketing Awards. The fourth annual awards celebrate the marketing teams and individuals who embraced agility, leading innovative projects and operational efficiencies at their organizations in 2020. These winners improved financial management practices and strategic planning processes to drive more revenue amidst the turmoil of the pandemic.  

“In 2020 marketers were faced with intense challenges, and this year’s awards are celebrating the heroes of those organizations, those that drove real business impact in a year filled with obstacles,” said Jocelyn Brown, SVP of Customers & Revenue. “In a year where marketers were asked to do more with less, these winners leaned into agility in a multitude of areas, and focused on strategic ways to improve processes that ultimately increased the business impact of their marketing organizations.”  

This year’s winners are:

Rookie of the Year – Janine Ege, Salesforce

Ege empowered marketers to think about impact alongside their plans by automating a view of the estimated pipeline for all planned investments. Her vision and passion for MPM drove a real impact in Salesforce’s first year working with Allocadia.

Marketing Partner – Ashley Cover & Claudia Paganelli,  Ciena

With Cover representing marketing technology and Paganelli representing financial performance, they came together as a dynamic duo for Ciena. By viewing scenarios through the lens of both functions, they have been pivotal to the increased alignment and confidence in marketing’s business impact. 

Savvy Spender – Sarah Dennis, Gap

Dennis’s leadership of the full budget process in Allocadia created more agile collaboration across all marketing teams. This new alignment enabled finance to better work with marketing to manage discrepancies, thus removing the scramble at the end of the quarter. 

Market Innovator – Bhargav Chandrababu, Freshworks

Chandrababu was able to solve Freshworks’ marketing budget management issues with a multi-faceted approach. His team seamlessly integrated Allocadia with Coupa, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads in a matter of weeks, streamlining all budget management and achieving real-time metrics with Allocadia’s insights.

Business Builder – Zoe Marquardt, Autodesk

Marquardt has been instrumental in helping Autodesk launch it’s MPM program. Her strength lies in translating the challenges and visions of various stakeholders into business requirements. She then transforms those requirements into actionable projects that have improved marketing’s business impact.   

Learn more about this year’s award winners and the RunMarketing Award program here

About Allocadia

Allocadia gives marketers the confidence to know where to invest their next dollar. It’s award-winning budget management and strategic planning platform enables marketers to plan strategically, invest with purpose, and measure the performance of their spend, to ultimately maximize marketing’s impact on the business. This gives marketers the ability to achieve operational excellence, drive greater performance, effectively measure ROI and improve alignment with corporate goals. Companies like GE Healthcare, Unilever, Informatica and Charles Schwab manage more than $25 billion marketing dollars within Allocadia, which enables them to save up to 40% of the time they spend on budgeting and planning as well as double their pipeline-to-spend ratio and ROI. Learn how to run marketing like a business at