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Allocadia Enables Every Marketer to Get Started on the Path to ROI with Strategic Planning Capabilities

VANCOUVER, Canada, May 22, 2018 – Allocadia, leaders in Marketing Performance Management (MPM) technology and creators of the #RunMarketing movement, today announced that marketers can get their organizations started immediately on the path to ROI with its new Strategic Planner solution. As of today, Strategic Planner is included as part of the Allocadia platform and in the company’s free trial. The offering, part of its award-winning cloud MPM platform, is the only Marketing Technology available that allows marketers to connect strategic marketing plans to the results they’re driving. This visibility ultimately gives marketers the clarity and ability to spend their time and money on the most efficient and effective programs.

Marketing organizations continue to struggle to understand and optimize their Marketing Performance because they primarily focus on execution, or how they “do” marketing, while the operational side, or how they “run” marketing, is often secondary. This has led to a point of diminishing returns in areas such as advertising, email marketing, and events. To solve this, Allocadia’s Strategic Planner allows CMOs and all marketers to set their strategic goals and prepare their data to measure ROI and “Return on Intent” against company objectives such as increased market share, improved customer experience and expanded team engagement.

“Allocadia elevates the conversation around marketing actions to a strategic level, allowing all marketers in the organization to plan and track against key goals and performance indicators,” said Neenu Sharma, VP, Marketing Operations & Analytics at GE Digital. “We rely on Allocadia to review with our executive marketing leadership to gain agreement, understanding, and re-alignment of where we focus our resources. With Allocadia we’re more confident in every plan created, investment made, and can accurately demonstrate our impact on the business.”

Strategic planning that connects to the business is critical to every CMO

Allocadia benchmarking research found that 83% of companies expecting strong revenue growth (over 25%) “often or always” align marketing performance goals to their company’s objectives.

The new Strategic Planner from Allocadia equips CMOs to demonstrate a commitment to (and maintain visibility of) corporate objectives throughout their marketing organization, and demonstrate impact. This transparency and accountability is critical in a time where CMO job tenure is the lowest of any member of the c-suite.

“The marketing planning process is a CMO’s best opportunity to demonstrate leadership and an understanding of how to operationalize corporate strategy consistently,” according to SiriusDecisions.

Key benefits for marketing teams include:

  • Stronger decision-making by every marketer by allowing them to gauge plan and budget adjustments against current goals, plans, and CMO objectives
  • Confidence that all marketing objectives are aligned with company goals, from the CMO’s to the individual marketer’s
  • Full visibility and clarity into marketing’s business impact by connecting marketing plans to investments through to results

“Every marketer today must assume accountability for performance against strategic business objectives and revenue targets,” said Allocadia Co-Founder and CEO, Kristine Steuart. “To do this, CMOs and marketing organizations must first define their goals. Strategic Planner gives marketers the ability to set goals, capture investment against these goals, and set the foundation for measurements. This provides CMOs a path to determine actual return on investment in the language of the C-Suite and the business, and gives them a way to #RunMarketingBetter today.”

Try Strategic Planner Free for the Duration of Planning Season

Allocadia customers have access to the Strategic Planner as of today as part of their existing packages. All marketers can take advantage of a 14-day free trial of Allocadia’s full MPM platform to experience the benefits of Allocadia’s planning, budgeting and measurement capabilities.