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Customers at our Core: Strong Value & Momentum from Allocadia Connect

From the very inception of Allocadia, the focus was on giving marketers a way to improve their performance. A core piece of that was around helping marketers get their financial data, and marketing plans out of spreadsheets and into a system that would connect with other data sets, so the connection of plans, investments and outcomes could be turned into actionable insights.

It’s been amazing to watch the more than 14,000 marketers using our platform put Allocadia at the core of their marketing foundations. We’ve truly begun seeing the power of the Run Marketing ecosystem, where teams are focusing on creating a foundational data backbone that will ultimately help them execute programs on the Do side of marketing.


We’re excited that today we were able to announce the incredible momentum we’re seeing in our customer base. More than 85% of Allocadia customers, including Akamai, Commvault, Box, GE Digital, and Hitachi Vantara Corp., are using Allocadia Connect, the integration framework of Allocadia’s Run Marketing Platform, to improve the way they run marketing by connecting their plans, investments and results, allowing them to measure and improve marketing performance.

The reason we know this is so powerful is the amazing customer stories we hear. Customers are at the core of our company, and when we see results like these below, we know we’re on the right path with our product:

1. Create an Agile team with an Integrated Tech Stack

“Creating that data and infrastructure connectivity makes marketing teams more efficient, more agile and more resilient to the different problems that marketers regularly face. Having Allocadia as the connection point between our foundational marketing platforms is helping Commvault improve not just the marketing department, but the company as a whole.” – Anna Soo, Senior Marketing Manager, Commvault

Prior to any integrations, the Commvault marketing team was static and reactive: they had no control over their budgets and no visibility into how their resources – people, time, and money – were being used. Now that investment and results data are connected, Commvault marketers can focus on executing on their marketing activities, driving revenue, and prioritizing where investments are made. Anna’s team created a full-loop system by connecting Allocadia to Workfront to Marketo to Salesforce to Bizible. With this connectivity, they have full visibility into how investments are impacting the outcomes Marketing is producing and can make agile decisions on ways to maximize and optimize their efficiency.

2. Drive Success & Enable Cross-Departmental Collaboration with New Data Sets

The number one benefit is that we’re able to aggregate and look at what is happening around the world.” – Harris Thamby, Senior Program Manager, Sales & Marketing IT at Microsoft

With Allocadia, Microsoft was able to implement a very structured approach to ROI data. This means that members of the various marketing teams have access to benchmarks; they can easily see what’s happening across a particular product line or across the world. Allocadia is now the central point connecting Microsoft’s activities, as well as its marketing spend. Everything’s connected, including the dollars, giving them a central place to connect marketing activities and spend to other parts of the lead flow mechanism.

While all of Microsoft’s marketing teams had access to data about the results of their marketing programs, the way the teams viewed this data was inconsistent. Some folks were taking a very granular view, evaluating specific metrics such as impressions, clicks or attendance. Others took a high-level approach at the very other end of the spectrum — evaluating performance by program or multi-tactic level, for example. This made any kind of benchmarking or comparison across marketing groups impossible. With Allocadia they were able to control for those inconsistencies and now have the visibility to make smarter decisions on future investments.

3. Enable the Measurement of ROI and ROM

“I don’t want to get stuck in the game of marketing needing to do more with less. I want to evolve the game so that marketing gets more because of how much we return on our investments and deliver on business objectives.” – Neenu Sharma, VP Marketing Operations & Analytics, GE Digital

GE Digital integrated their budgets and plans with other departments so they could offer their organization a holistic of ROI that the whole organization could rally behind. She was able to unify disconnected data to create multiple views of ROI and measure marketing’s impact on the business. What that translated to was 2.5x return on marketing investment (ROMI) – a feat that was accomplished because of the visibility her team was able to provide for her company. Those insights were powered by the integrations within Allocadia that acted as the glue that held all the once separated pieces together.

Integrating technologies is a huge step for marketers towards a more informed and financially conscious future. Allocadia Connect improves not only marketing’s efficiency and effectiveness, but that of the company as a whole. But it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the people. Without the amazing Allocadia team dedicated to supporting our customers, and the core customers who give us feedback and work with us, none of this would be possible. We can’t wait to hit future milestones with this great group!