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Percolate and Allocadia to Deliver Joint Solution Empowering Marketing Leaders to Drive More Business Impact

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and VANCOUVER, CANADA – April 17, 2018 Percolate, the System of Record for Marketing®, and Allocadia, the leading Marketing Performance Management solution, today announced a partnership to further streamline the marketing process to deliver more effective marketing results. This partnership is another validation of the growing importance of the marketing operations role and technologies that support their objectives. The integration will be featured during Transition, Percolate’s annual customer conference taking place in San Francisco on April 19.

“Long-term marketing success is achieved by better understanding the effectiveness of key initiatives, which can only be accomplished by tracking ROI,” said Randy Wootton, CEO of Percolate. “Our partnership with Allocadia not only helps CMOs and marketing teams gain a view into future activities and their projected impact, but also enables them to link their budgets with their content orchestration. This helps quantify results while driving business value. That’s a huge shift away from today’s backward-facing reports and campaign summaries.”

This joint solution of two mission critical marketing technologies – Content Marketing Platforms and Marketing Performance Management – will combine upstream marketing process management with strategic planning, budgeting and performance measurement, enabling marketing leaders to continually monitor and optimize marketing’s contribution to revenue and other priority business goals. Together, Percolate and Allocadia provide visibility into the marketing process from plans and activities through to measurement of results, improve team coordination and enable marketers to more effectively and confidently run marketing like a business.

“The combination of Percolate’s Content Marketing Platform with Allocadia’s Marketing Performance Management solution was driven by joint customer demand from leading-edge CMOs and Marketing Operations leaders who realized the value of gaining better visibility into their plans and investments while being able to collaborate more easily,” said Kristine Steuart, CEO and co-founder, Allocadia. “In linking these critical functions, we are not only enabling marketing teams to maximize their resources and optimize for performance and process, but bringing increased confidence to marketers because they can now prove the business impact of their work.”

Steuart will be on stage at Transition 2018 in San Francisco on April 19 to further discuss the relationship between content and customer experience. She’ll be joined by Percolate’s Co-founder James Gross to discuss how marketing leaders can take advantage of Percolate and Allocadia together to optimize their business performance. To learn more or register for the conference, visit the Transition website.

About Percolate

Percolate is the leading Content Marketing Platform for the enterprise. Percolate offers solutions to introduce visibility into the marketing process, improve coordination of work, and effectively build marketing campaigns and content. The world’s largest brands – including Mastercard, Cisco, Cigna, Electronic Arts, and Bosch – use Percolate to create a coordinated customer experience, reduce production costs, and understand marketing impact. Visit for more information on The System of Record for Marketing®.

About Allocadia

Allocadia is the leading Marketing Performance Management solution and creator of the #RunMarketing movement. The company’s award-winning technology empowers marketers with confidence in their plans, investments, and ROI. Founded in 2010 by twin sisters Kristine Steuart and Katherine Berry, Allocadia today serves more than 10,000 marketers worldwide, managing over $25B in marketing investment to-date. Learn how leading marketing organizations at over 200 companies including GE Digital, Juniper Networks, VMware, Red Hat and Charles Schwab run the business of marketing at