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Philips Lighting Chooses Allocadia to Power Global Marketing Plans, Investments, and ROI (Now Signify)

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Allocadia, leaders in Marketing Performance Management (MPM) technology and creators of the #RunMarketing movement, today announced a successful global deployment by Philips Lighting to power marketing plans, investments, and measure results for the company’s global marketing efforts. The news comes following an initial pilot and formal selection of Allocadia’s MPM technology, which helps marketing organizations understand what is working, what is not, and where to spend their next dollar.

“Running the business of marketing is a top priority at Philips Lighting,” said Emil Adigyozalov, Head of Global Marketing Excellence. “To enable every marketer on our team to hit their goals and support the company’s objectives, we are enabled by Allocadia’s software to better manage and optimize our Marketing Performance. Our partnership with Allocadia has created greater efficiency in our marketing planning and measurement processes.”

“At Philips Lighting, we strive for excellence at every level of the organization including Marketing,” said Global Head of Strategy and Marketing Bill Bien. “ To realize this goal, it is essential to have the ability to communicate a corporate strategy to every marketer in the world so they can turn it into revenue. Allocadia is the vehicle that has allowed us to transform our plan into a two-way dialogue that confirms that Market level leaders have actionable plans to generate revenue and that our central marketing team has the right brief to generate the right content. In addition, Allocadia enables a consistent ROI marketing framework that allows us to learn how our marketing plan is working, to make real time adjustments, and lift our overall performance as we strive for overall marketing excellence.”

In 2017, the Marketing Excellence organization within Philips Lighting, undertook a major initiative to create a single planning structure and tightly aligned operational process. Allocadia was deployed alongside a single methodology for marketing ROI.

This initiative included:

The centralization of all marketing plans and budgets into one single place
Linking marketing plans to critical data sources for live budget tracking
Sculpting standardized metrics to measure marketing success ac ross the organization
Fostering change management across a team of over 600 global marketers

Philips Lighting selected Allocadia as their partner for the company’s MPM initiative due to Allocadia’s experience supporting global enterprise organizations on similar journeys, combined with their ability to quickly provide value as a strategic partner.

“Thanks to our initiative to adopt Marketing Performance Management, we now have the ability to communicate a corporate strategy to every marketer in the world and enable them to act against it,” said Adigyozalov. “We can deliver a consistent, transparent plan throughout our worldwide teams and provide our marketers with clear, live intelligence while enhancing communication and coordination between global, regional, and product teams. Most of all, we have a consistent framework for measurement and the reporting of marketing ROI so we are able to actively manage our marketing plans and performance and drive towards marketing excellence.”

“We’re immensely proud to be chosen by the innovative marketing team at Philips Lighting to help them run the business of marketing,” said Kristine Steuart, CEO and Co-Founder of Allocadia. “Their commitment to driving consistency and transparency across their global marketing organization aligns with our mission to enable confidence in every marketer. Their mindset will serve as a powerful driver for marketing success. This announcement truly represents a partnership between Allocadia’s world-class technology and Philips Lighting’s world-class team.”