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Thoughts On Allocadia’s Fast 50 Win…

I’m thrilled to share that Allocadia has earned a spot on the 2017 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list, recognized for 852% revenue growth since 2013.

The program, celebrating its 20th anniversary, recognizes Canadian technology companies at the cutting-edge of innovation for their entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, rapid revenue growth, and world-class achievements. Read the full release from Deloitte.

Note: If you’d like to join one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies and the leaders of the #RunMarketing movement, we’re hiring!

Allocadia came in at #26, and we’re in great company. This year, the Fast 50 winners achieved an average four-year growth rate of 4,626% (a 74% increase from 2016 overall).

Proud to be built in Vancouver

We’re undoubtedly honored to be part of this year’s cohort, and proud to be headquartered in Vancouver, BC. With great talent across many functions, a beautiful city, and a culture of working hard and playing hard, Vancouver has become our home.

We believe it’s the best place to plant roots and grow a technology company, something my co-founder and sister Kristine and I have known since day one. (Read our founding story)

Allocadia is here for the long-term, as evidenced by our investment in the community. We were recognized by BC Tech for our efforts to give back with the Community Engagement honor at the 2017 Technology Impact Awards. You can read about our strategies for community engagement here.

Women in technology and leadership

The Fast 50 this year also represents a significant increase in representation of women, with a quarter of respondents reporting that 21-30% of all new hires are women. This is a notable improvement from only 13% of female new hires reported in this program last year.

Allocadia is passionate about advocating for women in technology and leadership. Being a venture-backed SaaS technology company with two female co-founders is, unfortunately, a rarity. We’ve worked hard to ensure we maintain industry-leading diversity statistics, achieving nearly equal gender parity in our organization (in stark contrast to the 30% average of women represented at technology organizations.)

In addition, our initiatives span inclusive hiring practices, investment in future women leaders, and a partnership with Simon Fraser University to send women in their School of Computing Science to tech conferences across North America. Read more about how Allocadia supports women in technology and leadership in our announcement on International Women’s Day this year.

Marketing technology representation – and distinction

The team at Allocadia is also thrilled to be recognized alongside other Canadian-based marketing technology firms including Influitive (#13), Vidyard (#16), and Unbounce (#33).
As the marketing tech industry continues to grow in size and scope, companies on this upward trajectory must continue a laser-focus on the most foundational and challenging problems for marketers.

Many of these technologies help companies “do marketing” and engage with customers 1-to-1 at scale. But, we’re proud to be the only technology on this list to “run marketing,” optimizing marketing’s impact on the business, and managing the behind-the-scenes efforts (plans, investments, and results) that make marketing teams successful. Both sides are critical to modern marketing tech stacks.

In light of Gartner’s recent CMO Spend Survey 2017-2018 showing that only 53% of marketers use mature budgeting methods or demonstrate fiscal maturity, we’re focused on helping marketers bridge this gap in their capabilities. That need continues to fuel our growth.

The role of our customers in our success

Across North America, the marketing tech industry is larger and more complex than ever. We hope our growth serves as a testament to the importance of running the business of marketing. We set out to solve the tough problems marketers face day in and day out, like a lack of trust, shortening job tenures, and increasing shortage of confidence.

Our 200+ customers have played a massive role in our growth, helping us to co-create Allocadia. We built the company by listening to marketers, and by remaining hyper-focused on solving a consistent pain point.

Our growth is bolstered by these customers, who have made the investment in Marketing Performance Management as a commitment to transparency and accountability in their organizations. A great recent example is from  Red Hat, who recently showcased their unique journey to marketing ROI with Allocadia, also winning the coveted Run Marketing Award for their efforts.

Truly a team effort

Perhaps what Kristine and I are most proud of in celebrating this milestone is our dedicated, passionate, and talented team. They are responsible for building the industry’s best solution for running marketing, forging completely new ground as trailblazers in a high-growth SaaS environment. Every day I’m amazed by their ability to face the unknown, as we #RunTogether into the next phase of growth. Read more about our company’s culture code.

Thank you to each Allocadian who has been part of this journey so far.

About the award

To qualify, winners had to be headquartered in Canada, invest a minimum of 5% gross revenues in R&D, and generating a significant proportion of operating revenue via proprietary technology and/or intellectual property. The list represents winners across five sub-sectors, including emerging tech, hardware/semiconductor, software, telecom, and digital media.

For 20 years, the program has recognized forward-thinking companies at the cutting-edge of innovation and seen first-hand how new technologies shape the world. This year marks the twentieth anniversary and we are energized and honored to be in the spotlight.

Thank you Deloitte for this recognition, and congratulations to all the 2017 winners!