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Harris Thamby, Microsoft

Why He Won

In enterprises with massive scale and global scope such as Microsoft, change management can be a huge challenge — both on a technical level, and a human one. Harris Thamby is a leader who gets things done by expertly striking this balance.

Harris’ vision for Marketing Performance Management goes far beyond what one might expect from someone in an IT role. He has a deep understanding of the way marketers work at Microsoft. Harris shapes the technology around their business needs in specific and innovative ways, often getting closely involved in the details of data, integrations and workflows — since as a conscientious project manager, they truly do matter to him.

Harris’ successful implementation of MPM at Microsoft proves that under the right leadership, no organization is too big for meaningful, yet agile change. Microsoft’s Marketers feel gratitude for having Harris on their side as they work alongside him with this new, game-changing toolset.

“Making changes to systems and process at a company the size of Microsoft is not an easy task. Harris is able to get it done – with an excellent holistic perspective. He takes changes in requirement in stride without losing sight of the end goal and has collaboratively coordinated the efforts of a very large group of stakeholders. We were impressed with Harris’ deep understanding of the people, process, and technology required to enable thousands of Microsoft marketers around the world to plan, budget and optimize performance of marketing investments.”

Jocelyn Brown, Allocadia VP of Customer Success