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Neenu Sharma, GE Digital

Why She Won

Neenu Sharma is a change agent. At GE Digital, the business unit she lightheartedly refers to as a “26,000-person startup”, she was the driving force behind a total transformation in the marketing planning process. She ousted a mess of disconnected spreadsheets and documents to bring in MPM — a far more strategic set of processes and tools that lets marketers work closely together, in tighter alignment, and with better visibility into their business results.

Leveraging her strong cross-departmental influence and leadership skills, Neenu has built bridges between Marketing and Finance, IT, Sales, and other areas of the business, to the benefit of all. Thanks to her efforts, GE Digital’s marketers enjoy unprecedented clarity about their contribution to overall strategic goals, as well as accountability for their own results.

As VP, Marketing Strategy + Operations, Neenu’s main job is to run marketing, with the goal of helping others in the business do marketing. No business role could be more tightly in sync with the spirit of MPM than that. Neenu truly walks the walk of Marketing Performance Management.

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“Neenu’s approach to Marketing Performance Management is iterative and pragmatic, and has earned this recognition for being cross-functional and business-driven,” said Brown. “She has laid out a complete and clear roadmap for her team, while building relationships with Sales, Finance, and IT, ensuring Marketing’s operational function supports the needs of the whole business. Congratulations to Neenu for being an internal trailblazer at GE Digital.”

Jocelyn Brown, Allocadia VP of Customer Success