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Shannon Russell, IntraLinks

Why She Won

The sheer number of glowing nominations Shannon received for this award speaks volumes about her acumen as a businessperson and her dedication to the craft of revenue-driven marketing.

The consummate player-coach, Shannon combines canny strategic leadership with an eye for the many details that go into the hundreds of events, campaigns and sponsorships that she and  her team execute every year. She is performance-focused, with a constant eye on KPIs, ROI, and the quality of her customers’ and prospects’ experiences.

Through her strong integrated approach to Marketing Performance Management, Shannon has empowered each marketer she works with to take charge of their individual marketing outcomes. She’s built a well-integrated marketing stack that aligns data across systems with clear standards and processes.

MPM leaders like Shannon are truly the future of marketing.

“At Allocadia, our mission is to give confidence to every marketer. Shannon embodies that confidence every day, from the front lines of the business. She was one of the few field marketers nominated for a RunMarketing Award, and her success is a testament to the fact that MPM is not only about the marketing operations team or FP&A. Rather, it is about empowering every marketer to make great decisions, achieve more, and be more accountable. Congratulations to Shannon, and the whole team at Synchronoss, who takes a full stack approach to marketing performance, aligning data across systems with strong standards and process so their team can run marketing – from anywhere.” Jocelyn Brown, Allocadia VP of Customer Success