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Taleb AlKhaja – GE Healthcare

The #RunMarketing Catalyst Award

Why He Won

When GE Healthcare started on their journey with Allocadia over a year ago, Taleb was one of the four regional representatives who was involved with the pilot. However, he was the one with a strategic and global-minded focus, as he had the vision to mobilize change across the entire organization.

He was instrumental in building out that pilot and ensuring that it was a success in his region, which then spread to a global rollout at GE Healthcare. If Taleb were not involved, it’s unlikely the project would have become the success that it is today. After the pilot was completed, Taleb continued on as a key member of the organization-wide rollout team to encourage the change required to implement something of this magnitude at a global organization.

Taleb has provided input on all facets of real life Marketing Ops budgeting planning day-to-day life to help inform and shape the direction of the rollout of the marketing performance management process at GE Healthcare.



“Taleb is both a change agent and a remarkable team player. What started as a small experiment turned into a large global project, and he has been the strategic driver behind an incredible evolution at GE Healthcare. Its inspirational to watch how Taleb lit the match and then stuck around to fan the flames that have mobilized change at the organization.”

Jocelyn Brown, Allocadia VP of Customer Success