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Yvonne Stacherski – Comerica Bank

#RunMarketing Award Winner: Innovative Integrator

Why They Won

Developing an integrated MarTech stack to provide a solid foundation for marketing performance management is no small feat for companies with large operations, let alone those in the financial services industry. Data security, privacy provisions and other requirements can add a layer of complexity which require an extra level of detailed attention. Through her thoughtful planning and decision-making, Yvonne led her team to achieve a cohesive integration between Workfront and Allocadia to provide marketers with a seamless experience from project planning through budget allocations to analysis, with data bridged through a LeapPoint implementation.

From the get-go, Yvonne demonstrated an acute intuition for engaging the right stakeholders at the right time and her communication style was the perfect mix of engaging and informative to ensure she brought her team along for the journey. This, coupled with her open-minded approach to change, make Yvonne a steward of critical marketing performance data within her organization and a valued member of the leadership team.

“Yvonne demonstrates a constant desire to enhance the solution and processes in place. Through her dedication to these elements, there is even more growth on the way focusing on streamlined technical and workflow processes. Comerica is well on its way toward even greater success, made possible by Yvonne at the helm.”

Jocelyn Brown, Allocadia SVP of Customers & Revenue