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Ken Evans – Fuze

The #RunMarketing Architect Award

Why He Won

Ken approaches planning and budget management from a strategic perspective, and from day one of his MPM rollout has aligned with both Sales and Finance.

Ken understood that he can’t meet corporate objectives and revenue goals without aligning with Sales, so he focused on building bottom up MQL targets and plans, based on top down pipeline targets. His alignment with Finance means the marketing budget is managed efficiently, giving both teams the space to focus on asking different kinds of questions that have the potential to drive further improvement. In addition to these best practice approaches he has a learner’s mindset, and is always looking for ways to improve the process and deliver greater value for Fuze.

On top of all of this, Fuze is in hyper-growth mode. Even with the outsized growth goals and objectives that his team has been tasked with hitting, Ken continues to focus on aligning all teams for success.



“Ken takes one of the most revenue focused approaches to planning that I have ever seen. The Marketing Operations team is incredibly sophisticated, which means that they have the data to do some amazing implementations and integrations that enable them to pull data from all facets of the organization. This alignment enables them to create a single view of the truth, which drives significant impact for the company.”


Jocelyn Brown, Allocadia VP of Customer Success