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Zoe Marquardt – Autodesk

Run Marketing Award Winner – Business Builder

Why They Won

Zoe has been a great champion of MPM within Autodesk, and was instrumental helping them launch a MPM program at the same time they were adopting Allocadia.

Her strength comes from the ability to translate the challenges and visions of various stakeholders into business requirements that inform actionable projects to serve their needs. She’s worked hard to innovate Autodesk’s marketing planning process, with all planning done in Allocadia.

Zoe is also a champion of financial reconciliation and is committed to delivering a fully automated solution. Her hard efforts have paid off in the form of Autodesk’s enhanced reporting: data is tagged with the Allocadia ID as it flows into their data lake and then into their BI dashboards. They are steadily working towards their goal of having all data tagged with the Allocadia ID.

Their MPM dashboard is quickly evolving, built on the foundation of Zoe’s and Marketers’ work in Allocadia.