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Bhargav Chandrababu – Freshworks

Run Marketing Award Winner – Market Innovator

Why They Won

Freshworks was finally able to solve their complex use case with the multi-faceted approach provided by Allocadia. Within weeks, they seamlessly integrated Allocadia with Coupa, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads to streamline all Marketing budget management and achieve real-time metrics with Allocadia’s insights.

They’ve leveraged Allocadia’s ID as a marker to track marketing spend and ROI through Freshwork’s marketing automation platform Freshmarketer. This allows their marketers to see the entire history of the contact in terms of campaign touchpoints. Allocadia Campaign tags (Tactic ID & Asset ID) are also passed on to Ad platforms to track Campaign performance and customer journey.

Freshworks does all their planning in Allocadia, and through their integrations have a dynamic view of plans, forecasts, and actuals in the Allocadia dashboard. They’ve turned Allocadia into the backbone of their tech stack, and all within a year. Allocadia was rolled out in Q1 of 2020 and by November of the same year, Freshworks had automated the reconciliation of data from Financial sources into Allocadia in real time, enabling dashboards to show accurate data to arrive at actionable insights.

Currently, Freshworks is managing and tracking hundreds of campaigns and global marketing budget in Allocadia. The marketing operations team at Freshworks championed the first ever Allocadia-Google Ads integration in order to make the spend information available at a Google Ads Campaign level within Allocadia. The Allocadia Campaign tags were passed on to Google Ads in order to capture campaign performance of unique promotional campaigns and performance of marketing collaterals.

The success of Allocadia – Google Ads integration encouraged the team to integrate LinkedIn spend into the system as well. At present, every dollar spent on LinkedIn campaigns is automatically coming into Allocadia and the PR/PO is updated.