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Sarah Dennis – The Gap

Run Marketing Award Winner – Savvy Spender

Why They Won

Sarah had the challenging task of owning all of marketing operations during a global pandemic, and she immediately used the opportunity to dig in and ensure value across The Gap’s tech stack.

She brought all marketing teams into Allocadia for better alignment and visibility. This move revealed that different teams were double-budgeting. Now they have full visibility into spend management, eliminating the room for siloed reporting, marketing can focus on value-adding activities and make smarter investments.

Sarah’s leadership of the full budget process in Allocadia created more agile collaboration across teams. Now they can see everyone’s over/under targets, and work together to fund activities across the business. All of these improvements led to incredible insight for their CMO and created better alignment and conversation with their finance team.

Allocadia allows for finance to work with marketing regularly to keep alignment and manage discrepancies, thus removing the scramble at the end of the quarter. The insights Sarah has worked hard to achieve in Allocadia, give her CMO the confidence she needed to make decisions moving forward and were called “life saving”.