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Making a case for Allocadia

We use a spreadsheet for budgeting, tracking, and reporting today – how do I talk to my team (or my manager) about the benefits Allocadia can provide?

Spreadsheets are error prone and weren’t designed for building marketing plans and budgets in mind. And they won’t help your team scale.

Allocadia is purpose-built to help marketing teams:

  • Achieve strategic alignment: Eliminate silos by linking marketing activities directly with corporate goals, to align strategy with execution.
  • Save hours of manual work: Reduce time spent on manual budget management from weeks to hours.
    Ensure budget accuracy: Get within 1% of your budget target with automated, real-time visibility into spend.
  • Power agile and data-driven decision making: Quickly understand what’s working, what’s not, and where to spend your next dollar with real-time performance data.
  • Confidently measure ROI: Demonstrate your impact in minutes instead of days by bringing together spend and results data in automated dashboards.

My finance team insists our existing financial solution can meet all my marketing budget needs.

Allocadia was built to help marketers make smarter, faster decisions on the best place to invest their next dollar. Traditional financial systems were never built to meet marketing’s needs, and don’t provide the real-time marketing insights required to optimize spend and achieve the best marketing mix.

Allocadia connects to every financial system so finance professionals and marketers can both look at accurate financial data through the best lens for them. With real-time actuals, marketers can track over- or under-spending for each budget line item, program, and department, and reallocate budget before the end of quarter to maximize marketing’s impact for the business.

Learn how the Marketing Business Operations Director at Splunk aligned with their marketing team to get visibility into budgets, enable smarter investment decisions, and prove marketing’s impact.

EPM Solutions + Allocadia

How Allocadia Built a Bridge Between Marketing & Finance at Splunk

My marketing team uses a few different tools and systems. Does Allocadia integrate with other systems?

Yes – Allocadia data can be synchronized with project management, CRM, ERP, MAP, procurement, content marketing, and digital ad platforms. We connect with standard systems such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Workfront, Marketo and BI tools such as Power BI – and more.

We can build any specific connector you might need through API integrations.

Considering Plannuh for strategic planning and budgeting? Here are some things to consider.

We hear from the market that Plannuh is not enterprise-grade. Customers that tried their platform cite a lack of trust in the integrity of their data, as numbers don’t add up. Their solution is best suited to a small marketing organization that is just getting started. Plannuh’s integrations, including Salesforce and Coupa, are considered quite rudimentary and won’t help enterprise marketing organizations achieve accurate ROI.

Allocadia brings 10+ years of experience and is trusted by 16,000 marketers worldwide. Whereas Plannuh was only founded 4 years ago. Our award-winning planning and budgeting solution is feature-rich to meet the needs of large organizations including Adobe, Charles Schwab, Dell, and Unilever. You’ll also receive access to a seasoned team of experts that will help you every step of the way as your organization becomes more sophisticated with marketing performance management. We also have proven and seamless integrations to the tools you already use every day for marketing, finance, and data analytics.

How can I justify the cost of Allocadia?

1) Budget Accuracy
Allocadia will bring you within +/- 1% of your budget target, quarter after quarter. If you’re off target, you either miss the opportunity to grow by under-investing, or eat-up future budget overspending.

2) Time
Allocadia turns processes marketers spent weeks on into hours. Even if you’re within budget today, it’s a herculean time commitment to manage marketing budgets in spreadsheets. Marketers should be marketing; not performing spreadsheet gymnastics.

Palo Alto Networks Reduced Time Spent Managing Budgets by 66% with Allocadia

3) Impact
Understand dollar for dollar which programs generate the highest returns, to exponentially increase your impact on growth.

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We’re strapped for resources right now. What will I need to get this project off the ground?

Taking on a strategic project with limited resources can feel like a huge lift – no matter how impactful. For that reason, we take extreme pride in our white-glove services model.

A dedicated project manager will guide you through our implementation process, help organize your stakeholders, and help bring everyone to consensus throughout the onboarding process. Once implemented, our specialized team of educators will step in to train your teams on the new processes and ensure they’re 100% confident using Allocadia.

You’ll also have your dedicated team of Allocadia Assist CSM’s ready to help however they can. Whether you need a change to the platform or have technical questions, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

My IT team is very considered in their review process, especially as it relates to information security and privacy. What will they want to know?

In today’s world, IT needs to make sure software vendors can actually defend their data and comply with all the applicable compliance requirements. As an Enterprise Software company currently defending over $25B in marketing investments, Allocadia is ready to support IT’s security due diligence and demonstrate up front how trust is baked into our software, our culture, and our relationship with our customer.

We have a comprehensive overview of our security, privacy, and compliance capabilities on our Trust page, and will directly engage with your IT team to provide all the evidence they require (3rd party audit reports, security questionnaires, security documentation, etc) to assist them in their assurance of the Allocadia software.

I’m interested in learning more about how Allocadia could help my marketing team – where do I start?

We’ve helped 16,000+ marketers in the world’s biggest brands to plan, manage and get real-time ROI analytics on their marketing campaigns and activities. We can share a lot about best practices for your team.

Book a 30-minute demo, and we can show you how you can start to manage your budget more efficiently and make better decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars.

Still have questions? Get in touch.