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Data Connectivity: Create the right data set for actionable insights

“I would recommend Allocadia not only for the actual tool, but for how it integrates with Marketo, Netsuite, SalesForce, as well as all the bells and whistles.”

Carey Rutigliano, Director FP&A, Cloudera

Challenges Marketers Face


Scattered and incompatible data


When different data live in siloed systems it’s impossible to connect them to create insights.


Disconnected finance and marketing data

When financial actuals don’t match marketing’s forecast the “I” in ROI is an unusable data set.


No clear path to ROI


Marketers waste too much time trying to connect data to understand what is working.

77% of global B2B marketing decision makers revealed that lacking the ability to measure results is one of their top marketing concerns.

Forrester, 6 Metrics that Matter for B2B Marketers

Allocadia’s solution enables marketers to:

Use metadata to define a common and consistent taxonomy and language across systems.

Create a unique Allocadia ID for every marketing activity and provide a continuous thread across other systems.

Join accurate “I” data from Allocadia and “R” data from execution systems to create ROI measurements.

Connect data from Allocadia with data from project management systems and content marketing systems.

Push Allocadia data to an external data warehouse or BI tool and using the Allocadia ID connect with other data sets.

Improve marketing planning and budgeting today!

Marketer Benefits


Set the stage for stronger decisions

Provide actionable marketing insights with connected, consistent and clean data.


Create a clear path to ROI


Set your data up to measure multiple, accurate views of ROI and impact on the business.


Gain visibility into all marketing activities

Get greater insight, from the budget and plan to execution and see how it all comes together.

Improve marketing planning and budgeting today!

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