Allocadia for Consumer Goods

Simplify marketing planning and budget management

Allocadia helps consumer goods organizations turn efficient budget management into a competitive advantage.

Innovative brands choose Allocadia to maximize budgets.


Allocadia provides consumer goods marketers with real-time visibility and multi-dimensional views of marketing spend across all categories, brands and product lines and associated initiatives such as media, digital, couponing, cost per sample and more.

With a centralized marketing investment planning platform and more accurate financial reporting, teams can make data-driven decisions and quickly shift marketing dollars towards activities which are driving the desired consumer behaviour leading to higher revenues.

Marketing teams that adopt agile practices are experiencing up to a 25% improvement in overall effectiveness

“Modern Marketing: What is it, what it isn’t, and how to do it,” March 2020

Automate the tracking of marketing spend across all channels

Gain full visibility into what’s been forecast, already spent, and remaining in budget including all media spend, so you can pivot faster to address emerging consumer opportunities.

Visualize multiple dimensions of spend

View investment data by season, region, channel and sub-brand for more agile planning, and systematically allocate funds to ensure the best possible use of your brand or shopper marketing budget.

Calculate coupon promo costs in minutes

A purpose-built coupon calculator allows you to determine the redemption and handling costs, and track all the promotion details including the validation period, which brand and segment it applies to, distribution method and more.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

During the investment planning stage, you can create various ‘what-if’ scenarios to help you anticipate and prepare for how you would adapt to changing consumer needs or market disruptions.

With the ability to visualize the impact of marketing activities on sales, you can reduce the time it takes to develop your marketing plans, and improve credibility and influence across the organization.

Make more agile investment decisions by transforming your budget management process

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Transform how marketing dollars are managed across all categories and brands to improve revenue impact.

Innovative brands choose Allocadia to maximize budgets.


Say good-bye to multiple spreadsheets, disparate data sets and save hours reconciling marketing budgets across all your consumer brands.

To help navigate a constantly shifting market, Allocadia provides your finance team with full transparency and tighter controls into their largest discretionary budget area — marketing.

Synced with your finance, procurement and expense systems, you can confidently see how much marketing spend is forecasted, committed or cancelled and take financial snapshots at any point in time.

Reduce business risk and improve marketing spend forecasting accuracy

With budgeting, you need to feel confident in predicting spend with rolling forecasts and access to the latest and previous marketing budget snapshots. Allocadia provides finance teams with purpose-built dashboards, so you can see how close marketing spend is to what’s been forecasted.

Plus, with integrations to your existing finance, procurement or expense systems, you’ll know what’s paid and what’s still outstanding.

View Marketing Spend Across Multiple Dimensions

Filter investment data by marketing objective, stage in the consumer buyer journey, category level or within each brand and specific products, and quickly pinpoint any areas of over or under spend.

Reduce Planning Cycle Time

With a unified source for all marketing planning data and the ability for your marketing teams to run various ‘what-if’ scenarios, you can significantly reduce planning cycles. This allows marketers to spend less time on budget management and more time on activities that help drive sales.

Better track and control marketing spend across all brands today!

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