Allocadia for High Tech

Increase agility and ensure your marketing investments are optimized

High tech companies choose Allocadia to optimize spend.

Allocadia provides high tech marketers with real-time visibility and multi-dimensional views of marketing spend by objective, stage in the buyer journey, segment, product line, region, persona, and activity type for more agile planning.

Our flexible platform allows marketers to pivot faster and capitalize on market opportunities, better rationalize budget trade-offs, and leverage performance insights to maximize every marketing dollar spent.

Continuously optimize marketing spend

Don’t wait until the end of the month or quarter to re-allocate your marketing spend. With real-time visibility into how much is forecasted, what has already been spent, and what’s remaining, you can easily shift budget to the highest performing initiatives.

Ensure an optimal marketing mix

View investment data by objective, region, stage in the buyer journey, market segment, persona, and more. Systematically re-allocate funds to ensure the best possible use of your marketing budget.

Make planning for the unexpected a breeze

During the investment planning stage, you can create various “what-if” scenarios to help you anticipate and prepare for how you would adapt to changing market conditions.

Visualize the impact of marketing activities on sales and pipeline before you take action.

Enable ROI calculations

Bring accurate investment and results data together to measure marketing’s ROI at the operational, departmental, regional, and product levels or by audience, segment, campaign, business unit, region, and product line.

Quickly identify under-performing activities and collaborate with teams to course-correct and adjust investments as needed. And, with key integrations you can get a more complete picture of business impact.

Make intelligent marketing investment decisions with Allocadia.

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