How to Make Marketing Planning Agile

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Did you know that in the last year, 66% of marketers said their teams went fully agile?

Another 25% said they adopted some agile processes and tactics.

While agile marketing wasn’t born out of the pandemic, it accelerated the rate of adoption and turned a trend into the new paradigm for strategic marketing planning. Marketers love it so much that 99% of those who adopted agile processes are planning to stick with them after the pandemic.

Agile isn’t going away any time soon, and leads to better results.

Are you ready to make the change?

A Guide to the New Era of Agile Marketing Planning

Are you prepared to meet marketing’s goals with less resources?

Planning programs and locking in spend a year in advance leaves no room to pivot when markets shift or company goals demand it.

Marketers are working harder, with less resources, and need to make a bigger impact to drive revenue and growth. To achieve this, marketers must be faster, flexible, and iterative. Marketers need to be agile.

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Mastering Marketing Agility with Talend

How many marketers can say they accelerated pipeline over the last two years?

We hosted Talend’s VP of Global Demand Generation Carol Hague to learn how her team accelerated their pipeline by embracing integrated campaigns and taking a data-centric approach.

Learn how Talend is running marketing with agility and improving their performance measurement framework at the same time.

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What’s the Landscape of Marketing in 2022?

What does the future of marketing look like after a game-changing year?

Marketers were forced to adopt new strategies and tactics all throughout the pandemic. But some of these changes actually worked better than our traditional methods.

Our new strategies will impact how marketing organizations operate long after the pandemic is over. So what are marketers planning for 2022?

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