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How Allocadia Gives StepStone Global Insights

“You just open one tool, and you have a complete list of how each individual region is performing right now.”
– Benjamin Deigendesch, International Online Marketing Specialist

Stepstone is a leading online job board business in Europe, operating some of the most powerful online job portals in the European market — tracking more than 25.4 million visits and more than 260,000 jobs per month. Stepstone has approximately 1100 employees in nine countries.

There’s a hard way and an easy way
When it came to budgeting, the marketing team at StepStone knew there had to be an easier way. The international marketing team supports eight different offices in seven countries, and for international online marketing specialist Benjamin Deigendesch and the rest of the marketing team, that meant dealing with eight different marketing budget spreadsheets. “Each country had its own excel file for marketing budgets,” says Deigendesch, “so for us on the international level, it was a challenge because we had to combine all of those single excel files into large file with data from all of the countries.” That led to a massive document with hundreds of line items that were constantly being updated. “On a daily basis, there were up to seven different people working with this file, so version control quickly became an issue.”

Deigendesch says this led to even bigger challenges. “With so many people managing the file and updating formulas and information, it got harder and harder to maintain the integrity of the data.” Deigendesch set out to find a better solution. “We were looking for a tool to make it easier for everybody.”

A “can do” attitude is key
Deigendesch knew what StepStone needed in a solution. “There were two aspects we wanted to combine: it had to be easier to use and it had to be secure.” He found those elements – plus a lot more – with Allocadia. Deigendesch considered other options in his search, but chose Allocadia because of its value and adaptability. “There was a list of other vendors, but Allocadia was the one tool that offered a great price and at the same time was really flexible regarding the services they could provide. With Allocadia, we really had the opportunity to adapt nearly the whole tool to meet our needs.”

Allocadia’s flexibility helped StepStone meet its needs. “Since we have locations in many countries, we had to have a tool with some currency exchange possibilities. That wasn’t available yet in the original Allocadia version, so they simply created it for us.” Deigendesch says that “can do” attitude is what sets Allocadia apart. “They fit our needs the best, not by saying ‘this is what we have, take it or leave it,’ but by saying, ‘what do you need? We can do it.’ They adjusted their software to our needs, and that pretty much summarizes our work relationship. If you are willing to adjust your own tool to the way that your customer specifies, it’s just the best.”

StepStone’s marketing team now uses Allocadia to track its entire marketing budget. “We can rely on the data, and we have better control of the budget,” says Deigendesch. StepStone employees in different countries can now easily access individual budgets for each country and all of that data is aggregated into multiple views for different users. The finance team can look at overall budget numbers, the country managers can see how their markets are tracking, and the international team can get an overview of all marketing campaigns in an instant. Deigendesch explains, ”It’s just one click away and you have the quarterly overview. You don’t have to switch between eight different excel files to get an overview. You just open one tool, and you have a complete list of how each individual country is performing right now.” Deigendesch says the overall improvement is immeasurable. “The time-saving aspect, the reliability and control of the data….a lot of different things were improved.”

About StepStone
StepStone was founded in 1996 and is one of the most successful online job board businesses in Europe. It operates some of the most powerful online job portals in the European market; tracking more than 12 million visits and more than 92,000 job listings each month. StepStone has approximately 450 employees in eight countries.