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Budgeting in a Crisis: How to Steer Your Ship Through the Storm

50% of CMOs don’t understand how their budgets are invested


With less resources and more financial scrutiny, it’s critical for marketing organizations to have a strong grasp on their budgets. They don’t just show where funds are invested: budgets are the ultimate expression of strategy for any marketing organization.

Without visibility into budgets, marketers cannot act with the agility and speed this crisis currently demands. To survive and thrive, you must properly equip your marketing team for this chaotic economic climate.

Re-aligning your marketing budget isn’t always an easy task, but we’re here with a life line. With this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • The best way to structure a budget for your organization
  • How to build out your marketing budget (including a cheat sheet)
  • How to prioritize and select investments during a crisis
  • Three common marketing investment mistakes to avoid
  • How to create an adaptable budget with scenario planning

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