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What Marketers Can Learn from Wall Street

Lessons from the finance world: make smarter marketing investments & get the most out of your budgets

As a marketer, you’re an investor.

While you may not wear a tie or work on Wall Street, your basic job is surprisingly similar to that of a finance pro: you’re entrusted with money and asked to put it to work by picking programs and activities that will yield a positive return.

That’s why marketing budgets and plans are more than just a simple laundry list of expenditures. They’re strategic! Budgets and plans can among your most powerful tools for truly running a high-performance marketing organization, not just doing marketing activities.

In this eBook, we’ll explore three specific ways marketers can benefit from borrowing the mindset of a Wall Street manager. If you work with a marketing budget or want to improve your team’s overall marketing performance, this publication is for you.

It’s time to think differently about your marketing investments. Think like an investor!

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