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3 Ways Marketing Operations Leads Organizational Growth

High-performing marketing departments don’t happen by accident. It takes great leadership at the helm and behind the scenes orchestration by Marketing Operations who have a unique vantage point into the technology, data, people and processes that go into building a world-class marketing organization.

The best Marketing Operations experts have transformed into trusted advisors to their CMO by changing the way their teams work – they’re focused on creating highly functional structures that move them from reactive to proactive, and drive better marketing performance.

In this webinar Sam Melnick, VP Marketing at Allocadia and Brandon Jensen, Director, Marketing Operations at Workfront discuss how best-in-breed Marketing Operations teams can lead their organizations to higher levels of performance by:

  • Connecting marketing strategy and investments to business outcomes
  • Increasing efficiency with automated processes and optimizing resources
  • Creating a system of record for marketing that provides actionable insights

Get the slides here.