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4 Marketing Planning Strategies from the Best Global Organizations

What’s the #1 thing that determines your success as a marketing organization, quarter after quarter, year after year? It’s the strength of your marketing plans and how well you execute them.

Indeed, effective marketing planning is a must-have for all high-performing teams.

However, too many orgs struggle to rally around a single planning process. For them, planning is disjointed and chaotic. As a result, their marketing execution can seem constantly behind the eight-ball: reactive, rather than proactive.

We spoke to a group of high-performance marketing leaders and analysts to uncover four of the most effective and practical ways they’ve evolved planning at their organizations.

We dive into each one:

  • Aligning marketing plans with company-wide strategy;
  • Making practical use of analyst frameworks;
  • Combining top-down with bottoms-up planning; and
  • Achieving harmony with the finance department.

If you’re a marketing leader looking to build sound planning practices that give rise to functional, measurable plans that can truly drive revenue, this webinar is for you.

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