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Driving Marketing Success in a Pandemic with Better Performance Management

But as long as we can connect everything to an Allocadia ID, we can get it back into a cohesive view in the end. And that’s really where our analytics team comes in and produces these really comprehensive and deep reports, based on the data that we’ve provided and tagged with this unique ID.

The marketing pain point trifecta:

  1. Marketing teams are operating in silos
  2. Unable to properly track marketing spend
  3. Poor budget visibility makes it impossible to tie spend to performance

Autodesk’s marketing organization suffered from the familiar pain point trifecta. They decided to tackle all three problems head on by mounting a MPM program and integrating Allocadia into their tech stack.

In this 20 minute session from the MarTech virtual conference, learn how they went from zero visibility into spend, to mapping 86% of global marketing spend to specific campaigns.