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How Marketing Ops Translates Strategic Goals into Tactical Plans

Marketing Operations is the quarterback during planning season – they have the data to know what we need to do and the knowledge of our financial, people, and time resources to determine how we’re going to do it. But having the right data is just the first step to a successful marketing plan.

This panel featuring Lars Ahntholz, Marketing Operations Manager at Plantronics, Gary Clinger, VP Marketing at Workfront, and Sam Melnick, VP Marketing at Allocadia discuss the challenges of aligning, resourcing, and tracking Marketing’s contribution to corporate goals.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
• How to align your investment in time, money and people to top-level corporate objectives
• Best practices for managing Marketing’s contribution to strategic goals
• The technologies available to plan, track and measure key marketing resources
• Why aligning all marketing activities with a corporate goal sets your team up for success