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Leading Through a Crisis: How to Adopt a Wartime CMO Mentality

Marketers have pivoted in response to the pandemic fallout of 2020. We now have leaner budgets, increased scrutiny from leadership, and buyers who are also under pressure.

How do we build the road to recovery?

Join our panel discussion to learn how our experts are operating with a ‘Wartime CMO’ mentality to equip their teams for success, and what changes your organization can make to be agile in a rapidly changing environment.

Our expert panel includes Elle Woulfe, VP Growth Marketing at InVision, Anton van Deth, CMO at Apptio, Heidi Melin, CMO at Workfront, and Allocadia CMO Julia Stead.

You’ll learn:

  • The metrics you need to make tough decisions quickly & confidently
  • How to keep your team aligned to the core mission when plans are evolving
  • How CMOs are “picking their battles” and deciding where to concentrate efforts

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