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Make Benchmarks an Actionable Part of your Marketing Plan

How can meaningful benchmarks ensure you spend your next marketing dollar in the right way?

Watch the recording above or get the slides here

Marketing teams often have several sources of benchmark data to use for planning – but struggle with how to make this data actionable, diminishing the impact that benchmarking can have. Data from previous years’ budgets and performance, along with external data from peers, all have their uses. The secret is in applying the right benchmarks for the right purpose at the right time.

This webinar features Kathleen Schaub, Program Vice President of the CMO Advisory & Customer Experience at IDC, who shares how using benchmarks in planning can help maximize the efficiency of marketing budgets.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Which benchmarks are appropriate to use for planning purposes
  • How you should use benchmarks at different stages of the planning process
  • Key areas to benchmark
  • How data quality affects results

Discover the path to actionable planning data!