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Why & How to Break Down the Wall Between Marketing and Finance

Today, only 14% of Marketing organizations see Finance as a trusted strategic partner. In contrast, high-performing Marketing teams are 3X more likely to forge a strong alliance with their Financial colleagues.

The health of the Marketing-Finance relationship is critical to the success of an organization. With CMOs under increasing pressure to prove their value to the organization and CFOs controlling the budgets, there’s never been a greater need for transparency, consistency and collaboration – cornerstones of Marketing Performance Management (MPM).

In this session, we feature the winning efforts of Cloudera’s (formerly Hortonworks) Marketing department. A year ago, this team was challenged with unreliable spreadsheet budgeting, no visibility into actual spend, an inability to compare spend against plan, and little insight into marketing ROI.

Carey Rutigliano, Cloudera’s Director of FP&A, will share how they gained control of their marketing investments, built trust between Finance and Marketing, and made changes that directly improved their marketing performance.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How Marketing, Finance and Sales at Cloudera overcame interdepartmental tensions, learned to speak the same language and developed collaborative strategies for growth
  • 5 essential questions every Marketer should ask Finance during planning season
  • How Cloudera leveraged Marketing Performance Management technology to win Finance as a trusted advisor, increase visibility into marketing spend and run marketing more effectively.