Your GTM Playbook in an Unpredictable World

Join us for a fireside chat with market positioning expert and author of Obv!ously Awesome, April Dunford.

2021 had more twists and turns than a rollercoaster. The anticipated recession happened for some and not for others. Virtually no one was spared from making dramatic shifts in their go-to-market strategies.

In this 60-minute virtual event, discover how to gain a competitive advantage in an unpredictable climate with your marketing plans. You’ll learn:

  • How emerging market and customer trends impact marketers today
  • The best ways to measure the success of your positioning and aligning investments to your GTM strategy
  • The optimal toolkit and automated processes to support marketing agility
  • Using positioning to stand out and reach prospects
  • How your strategies will evolve in the future

April Dunford

April has spent the first 25 years of her career as a startup executive, running marketing, product, and sales teams. She led teams at seven successful B2B technology startups. Most of those startups were acquired (DataMirror to IBM, Janna Systems to Siebel Systems, then SAP, Watcom to Sybase via Powersoft, to name a few), and she ran big teams at IBM, Siebel, Sybase, and others. The total of those acquisitions is more than two billion dollars. Across that journey, April has positioned, re-positioned, and launched 16 products.