Agile Marketing: Is it the MVP of 2021?

From Scrum to Retro: A LinkedIn Live Event

In the last year, many enterprise marketing organizations adopted the Agile methodology, giving them more flexibility to adapt to market changes. 

We found that 74% of the marketing teams who adopted Agile practices during the pandemic are planning to keep those processes going forward. But what does it mean to become Agile? 

Building a successful Agile marketing team doesn’t happen off-the-cuff. It takes failures to learn from, lessons learned, and adaptation to become a high functioning Agile team.

Watch Eve Belanger, Allocadia’s Agile marketing expert go over the ins-and-outs of Agile marketing, and what your team needs to know to get started today.

Eve Belanger

Principal Customer Success Manager at Allocadia

Eve has served Allocadia’s strategic customer accounts for 6 years. She’s passionate about helping her customers solve their marketing pain points, and being along for the journey to watch them mature their processes. Eve also holds an Agility in Marketing certification through ICAgile.