Aligning Marketing & Finance to Drive Growth

According to 87% of marketers and finance professionals, a strong working relationship between the two departments is important for success. But this isn’t always the reality. Both teams have the best intentions for the business, but often there is a lack of alignment between them that creates challenges.

In this 45-minute webinar with Ashley Cover and Claudia Paganelli from Ciena, they will discuss key challenges marketing and finance teams face when working together, and offer strategies for creating a collaborative relationship that fosters alignment, growth, and results.


You’ll learn:

  • The top 3 factors preventing marketing and finance from working together
  • How to use data to create alignment and visibility between both teams
  • How to foster collaboration by focusing on cross-departmental communication and reworking business processes

Learn from Ciena’s award-winning marketing and finance partnership

Ashley Cover

Senior Manager of Marketing Operations

Ashley has spent over 12 years in the marketing field, with specializations in martech, marketing automation, and database design. She is passionate about defining processes and implementing tools that serve as a strategic advantage for the marketing organization.

Claudia Paganelli

Senior Financial Analyst, Marketing Operations

In Claudia’s current role, she is responsible for planning and administering the marketing budget and improving spend management processes. She also provides direction and guidance on year-to-date budget performance and action plans to improve financial performance.