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Supporting Life-Long Learners

September was back to school for the students and it also meant back to school for Allocadians.  As part of our wellness program we focused on Professional Development this month, as continued education is a key component of doing career-defining work. At Allocadia we support and encourage every team member to follow their own personal professional growth path and we’re here to help.

To highlight different forms of professional development we shared mentorship programs, provided suggestions of good books on pro-d, and shared growth mindset how-to videos.  Most of this was done over Slack but we also brought everyone together for a “juice and learn” where employees were invited to learn more about the Allocadia professional development program. Fueled by The Juice Truck, two members of our wellness committee shared with the team how they can use their annual learning and development fund towards things like education, conferences, online learning and more!  They also invited team members up to share their own experiences and how this program has supported their professional development and growth.

We are proud of the Allocadians who continue to work and grow with us. As a tech company, having 20% of employees being with the organization for over four years is no small feat.  These team members not only contribute to the success of the company but also build their own careers and take on new opportunities.

With so much going on day to day here at Allocadia, we aim to continue to reminder employees to take on new challenges and push themselves to grow. We’ll always support them to do this through opportunity, flexibility, and guidance. We encourage all Allocadians to be life-long learners! We look forward to seeing what else our team does to grow and develop their skills and expertise!