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Bryan Semple, SmartBear

Why He Won

A former submarine captain in the US Navy, Bryan Semple knows a thing or two about high-performance leadership. He applies that background to his CMO role at Smartbear, having built a high-velocity, predictable marketing engine that has been the major driver of revenue growth for the company.

Bryan literally wrote the book on marketing measurement. Thanks to his adoption of MPM, he has an extremely strong handle on all the key metrics in his marketing organization at all times, and uses this knowledge to optimize each part of the customer journey. When it comes to marketing investments, Bryan has a unique, results-first approach: he communicates the outcomes he wants to see from his team members first, and they plan to that result. This way, marketing’s contribution to the bottom line is always paramount.

Bryan has used MPM to amplify what he already does best: operating an efficient, strategic and effective marketing machine.

Listen to Allocadia’s podcast interview with Bryan: how he runs marketing like a submariner

“Bryan knows it is essential for Marketing to run like a business, especially with a team that is high-velocity and very agile,” Brown said. “He has flipped the traditional planning paradigm on its head by enabling his teams to do what it takes to achieve key outcomes, not getting bogged down planning budgets. His innovative approach to the traditional planning cycle distributes decision-making activity across his team, into those places with the most information. He is a disruptive, business-oriented, modern CMO who focuses on the key metrics (such as CAC ratios) that a CEO focuses on.”

Jocelyn Brown, Allocadia VP of Customer Success