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Jason Johns – Equinix

The #RunMarketing Operator Award

Why He Won

Jason is always looking to improve the team. His ultimate goal is to keep the marketing organization constantly stretching and improving, because he is not happy with the status quo.

What sets Jason apart is that he doesn’t just dictate the direction of the team as they focus on creating a single source of marketing truth, he wades into the project with both feet. He has done an amazing job of integrating all marketing technologies and data in order to ensure the Equinix marketing team can get to true ROI measurements.

From an overall standpoint, Jason is helping ensure his team improves the integrity of the Equinix data sources, and reduces the amount of duplicate work the marketing team is doing. He is taking the reins of marketing data of Equinix and is setting an example for the team to always improve their transparency and marketing impact.



“Jason has a very analytical approach to planning and operations, which means that he is after the actual truth not just the best story data can tell. I have been continuously impressed to see how he works tirelessly to deliver a connected data environment to support best in class decision making at Equinix. He rolls up his sleeves and makes sure that every detail is taken care of.”

Jocelyn Brown, Allocadia VP of Customer Success