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David Schermbeck – Red Hat

#RunMarketing Award Winner: The Marketer’s Champion

Why They Won

The appetite for deep analysis and transparency at Red Hat is remarkably great, and when matched with a culture of excellence it results in a recipe for marketing performance management success.  In this pursuit, David has made his mark by working tirelessly to implement MPM best practices in a complex environment and on a global scale in a way that puts the marketer’s best interest first while maintaining transparency and adhering to policy.

Thanks to the efforts of David and his team, Red Hat continues to reach increasingly greater heights in terms of transparency and efficiency in a high fidelity environment, and continues to evolve along their journey toward ROI.

“The beautiful marketer’s experience at Red Hat is due in no small part to David. Getting to the level of transparency, reporting and accuracy that the marketing organization wanted was incredibly complex so David completely overhauled the process and implemented several interesting and innovative integrations. It’s now a much faster and more straightforward process for marketers to get the insight they need, giving them even more confidence that what they’re doing has impact.”

Jocelyn Brown, Allocadia SVP of Customers & Revenue