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Ashley Cover & Claudia Paganelli – Ciena

Run Marketing Award Winners – Marketing Partner

Why They Won

Ashley representing marketing technology and Claudia representing financial performance, came together as the dynamic duo that has made Ciena so successful.

By making decisions collaboratively and viewing scenarios through the lens of both functions, they have been pivotal to the impact and expansion of Allocadia. Ciena initially went live in January with a pilot group, and since then have hit every milestone in their roadmap achieving consistent growth and adoption of many additional teams, even during the pandemic. They’ve worked to ensure that reconciling actual investments are extremely well defined. In fact, they have consistently mapped over 94% of spend to specific areas across budgets.

Their insights have aligned to their corporate standards providing confidence in powering the marketing business reporting from Allocadia, and their processes continue to evolve demonstrating a constantly maturing practice. The partnership between Ashley and Claudia is why they’ve managed to achieve so much success in such a short time frame.